Portable Bathroom Trailer Options for Retail Spaces

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Portable Bathroom Trailer Options for Retail Spaces

With the new school year beginning, many of us are on our way to the local stores and shopping centers to find new clothes for the kids, school supplies, cold weather clothing, and more. With the arrival of September comes a new month with new wardrobe requirements, and it’s an exciting time as we all pack up our swimsuits, pool floaties, and hot weather outfits in exchange for cozy sweaters and boots. We are here to support the retail industry with a variety of portable bathroom trailer choices as they anticipate bigger crowds.

Think about your favorite shopping experience. Where does it take place and what do you like about it? Is it the local boutique that’s a short walk from your house? The shopping center filled with every store you need? Or the mall with your favorite restaurant, a perfect place to unwind after a busy day of shopping with the kids?

When we think about places that provide us with a positive experience, there are more things that affect our perspective on a subconscious level, and one of those things is the restroom. We have seen many stores, shopping centers, and malls upgrade visitor experience with portable bathroom trailers. See some top picks for the retail industry that give your business an elegant bathroom option that is sure to impress every guest. 

2 Station Affordable Advantage Series

small portable bathroom trailers

True to its name, the Affordable Advantage portable bathroom trailers are a budget-friendly bathroom option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Get the best materials for less and support your extra store visitors and staff alike with additional restrooms. 

6 Station Shower Trailer, Endurance Series

shower portable bathroom trailers

A great solution for workers who are working longer shifts than usual during busier times of the year, this portable shower trailer is a temporary or long-term option that gives every employee the shower access they need, right when they need it. 

ADA +6 Station Oahu Series

ADA portable bathroom trailers

Accessibility is a crucial necessity that makes everyone feel included. No matter what industry you work in, providing an ADA-compliant portable bathroom trailer is occasionally required. The ADA +6 Station Oahu Series is ideal since it provides those needing an ADA option with their need while also servicing those who do not. It is also well suited for large crowds.

10 Station Maritime Pro Series

large portable bathrooms trailers

The 10 Station Maritime Pro Series is another larger restroom trailer option for those XL venues like malls, department stores, and transportation pop-up shopping markets. Elegantly and efficiently designed, it’s a fit at any workplace from casual to formal. 

12 Station Maritime Pro Series

If a little more room is needed, the 12 Station Maritime Pro Series is large yet designed elegantly. With the ability to service up to 750, this is a great portable bathroom option for small shopping centers, malls, and other casual atmospheres. Like many of our other portable bathrooms, it has a clean and durable exterior that has dent-proof materials built in, making it a great long-term solution.

If one of these portable bathroom options looks like the perfect fit for your upcoming gathering, request a quote to begin your rental process. Still have a few more questions? Feel free to contact us. The team is here to help you!

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