When our founder started the company, there was an instant goal to not only design a higher quality of portable bathrooms for rent, but to create a trailer for every business need. Over the years, we have partnered with clients to dream up so much more than we could have imagined. From locker rooms to break rooms, showers to ADA-compliant units, we have heard requests of every kind from businesses we work with, and all of these unique needs helped us build the vast inventory we have today.

While we have our fun inventing unique trailers, it’s still important to have the basics covered as well. One of the first things we had to look at when building our inventory was size. This was important for many reasons. For one, size is a significant determinant of price. A compact single station trailer will most certainly cost much less than a 10 station. Another reason is simply the need of the client. Crowds with thousands of attendees couldn’t use that same single station trailer that works so well for a small business.

These portable bathrooms for rent are for those big crowds. Music festival producers, large companies, and huge venues need to look no further. Traditionally, portable bathrooms have up to 10 stations and service up to 750 guests before needing maintenance. While this may be a pretty big crowd, it’s not nearly enough for some of the large events and venues we have seen. With that in mind, we created extra-large portable bathrooms for rent. See them below and find the portable restroom solution for your next XXL gathering. 

12 Station

extra large portable bathrooms for rent

This is a portable bathroom for rent that is perfectly sized for conferences, large company parties, and large local markets. The 12 Station Calypso Series up to 1000 before maintenance, it can handle high volume use and provide an elegant portable restroom option for guests. With wooden accents and a spacious vanity, it compliments any event atmosphere from casual to formal. 

13 Station 

If a little more room is needed, the 13 Station Key West Sunset Series is large yet designed elegantly. With the ability to service up to 1150, this is a great portable bathroom for rent for small sporting arenas, school campuses, and other casual atmospheres. Like many of our other portable bathrooms for rent, it has a clean and durable exterior that has dent-proof materials built in, making it a great long-term solution.

14 Station


This is an option for small festivals, performances with large audiences, companies with a high volume of staff, and more. With a capacity of 1300, the 14 Station Oahu Series is the casual restroom environment you need. This option is unique because it is built with 14 toilets in private stalls instead of having a few urinal options. This makes the trailer itself a little more diverse as it can be used as a unit for men only, women only, or both depending on your needs.

17 Station

Large portable bathrooms for rent

Here is one of our biggest portable bathrooms for rent yet! With a capacity of 1650, the 17 Station Classic Series is king of the XXL rental collection. This large option is designed with thought, making it versatile and adaptable enough to fit in well at any event, casual to formal. Ideal for large festivals, arenas, and other events, it’s a great way to ensure your big crowd has the restroom access they want right when they need it.

If one of these portable bathrooms for rent looks like the perfect fit for your upcoming gathering, request a quote to begin your rental process. Still have a few more questions? Feel free to contact us. The team is here to help you!

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