As the weather heats up we can feel summer upon us! This season is a time for fun in the sun, a time for swimming, camping and all of our favorite outdoor activities. The majority of summer fun takes place outside, and when spending hours out in the sun, an accessible restroom option is a priority. That’s why we have made it a company goal to create portable bathrooms for every venue, activity and need.

Summer activities will look a bit different this year because of COVID-19 and the necessity to socially distance. Social distancing is very important for all of our safety, but this doesn't mean we can't find new and creative ways to have a fun filled summer. Luckily most summer activities take place outdoors so it is easier to socially distance while still having a fun filled summer. 

Portable bathrooms provide a clean and affordable bathroom solution no matter outdoor adventure location. As many prepare for their fun socially distanced summer activities, it is crucial that site managers consider solutions for restroom access that keeps visitors as safe and healthy as possible. 

Below are some outdoor activity sites that can benefit from using portable bathrooms - see which trailers pair well with these venues. These trailers have changed the game when it comes to outdoor bathroom access, and we are proud to provide some of the best.

Portable Bathrooms for Summer Fun


portable bathrooms for campsites

Camping is a great way to create memories with family and friends this summer while participating in social distancing. Every year many families come together for a fun filled camping trip and this summer camping is an especially needed activity to get out of our houses and get into nature. Roasting marshmallows by the campfire is a perfect time for family bonding, laughter, and we can't forget about the tasty treats!

This is a location where restrooms are often scarce and at night the long walk to the bathrooms can be spooky, especially for the children! We recommend the 3 Station Combo, Deluxe Series, a perfect solution for the entire family’s needs that makes those outdoor restrooms more upscale and accessible. With a shower that has nonslip rubber flooring, flushable toilets, and hot water,  this portable bathroom is a perfect option for camp sites.


portable bathrooms for kayaking

For those who have gone kayaking, you know how exhausting the “peaceful” activity can be! The effort may be immense, but the views are definitely worth it and kayaking can be an enriching experience that many enjoy embarking upon. 

Kayaking is definitely an exhausting feat - coming out of the water, kayakers want a cool and clean bathroom experience. The 3 Station Calypso Series is a perfect solution. guests are sure to enjoy the comfort of a fully climate-controlled environment maintained by air conditioning and heat strips, as well as a 3 Season package for cooler temperatures.



Throughout the nation family and friends come together to soak up the beautiful outdoors while enjoying tasty foods. Picnics are a fun, enjoyable way to safely gather with family and friends while still practicing social distancing, and they are sure to be a go to activity for all of us who need a little adventure. 

With the constant consumption of food, attendees need a clean and safe restroom option. The ADA +4 Station Oahu Series is a great portable restroom option for every picnic site. This trailer is ADA-compliant in all 50 states so it is ready for the whole family! 



As one of the first permitted activities during COVID-19, golf will continue to be a sought after outdoor activity this summer. Many people are flocking to golf courses to enjoy a socially distanced game of golf and have a comfortable, classy, and relaxing experience. 

Ensure that guests are always comfortable, no matter where they are throughout the golf course, with portable bathrooms. The  4 Station Island Series is a portable bathroom option that matches the ambiance of the course with upscale interior design and high-quality touches.


portable bathrooms for hikers

Hiking is on the rise as social distancing rules continue to require that we all stay away from crowds. For many, this has been an emotional strain as we feel the need to see close friends and family. Hiking allows friends to stay 6 feet apart while still interacting so it is a great option for those who want to safely socialize. 

We have all been hiking and urgently needed a restroom that was nowhere to be found, but with portable bathrooms, hikers can have the amenities they need to have a pleasant hike. The 3 Station Malibu Comfort Series is a great, no muss no fuss option that will complete the hiking experience. 

Horseback Riding


Dogs may be man's best friend, but there is something about the bond between a horse and its rider. Whether you are out on the trail, in the plains, or exploring the countryside there are so many adventures to be had exploring nature on horseback. 

Riders are investing not only their time, but money to enjoy their horseback experience. Ensure that the experience is as elevated as possible by providing the elegant yet casual 5 Station Key West Sunset Series.

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convertible restroom trailers

Our portable bathrooms can elevate the experience of every summer activity, and as we all take to the outdoors, the need for convenient restrooms is even more essential. Whether it be the rugged experience of camping and hiking or an elevated experience of golfing or horseback riding, we have a trailer for you!

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