The state of Maryland is commonly known as “America in Miniature.” Why, you ask? Because not only is this a state that holds so much of our country’s rich history, but it also easily represents the diversity, colorful nature, active cities, and more that make the US what it is today, all in one quite small state. We are glad to begin increasing our business in this state, bringing more portable bathrooms to the many businesses that operate and support local communities.

America in Miniature” means that the state of Maryland has a little bit of everything. A bit underrated, this vibrant state is a must-see for any traveler looking to explore off the beaten path. The largest body of water in the state is Chesapeake Bay, a gorgeous area full of beaches, boating docks, nature and more. From there, nature enthusiasts can find nearly 50 rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds and more.

Maryland is also one of the most culturally diverse states in the country, bringing together different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and more in one place. True to the melting pot of America’s culture, this is a land that has made many different people one in state pride. 

The bustling cities of Maryland are filled with hard working Americans of many different career backgrounds ranging from lawyers, politicians, writers, artists, healthcare professionals, and religious leaders.

This vibrant state is one that has such a variety of needs, we felt it necessary to list a few of our portable bathrooms that are ideal fits for its diverse businesses. From the bay to the city streets, see what portable bathrooms we recommend for the State of Maryland. 


combo portable bathrooms

After a dip in the bay, guests are probably itching to get a quick rinse and change into dry, comfortable clothes. Instead of being hunched over in their tents for privacy, consider providing restroom trailer rentals that do even more than providing a restroom option. The 6 Station Shower/ Restroom/ Locker Room Combo, Oahu Series, does just that. Guests can get everything they need after a long day on the beach, from restroom use to a fresh shower to a private, comfortable area to change and store their items safely. 

Outdoor adventures

combo portable bathrooms with laundry

Imagine heading to your favorite campsite for the week, knowing you’ll be sacrificing those everyday amenities and excited to get away and experience nature. Then, upon arrival, you discover that not only are there clean portable bathrooms, but somewhere to do laundry! This can be a huge trip saver. With the kids jumping into the lake then running into the tent dripping wet, the dog burying his muddy bone in your sleeping bag, a bug infestation - the dirty possibilities are endless!

With our combo portable bathrooms like this 6 Station Shower/ Laundry Trailer, Oahu Series, the stress of keeping your sleeping area, clothes, linens, and more clean enough to use for an extended amount of time has been lowered. 

Office Life

luxury restroom trailers

For businesses that value luxury and elegance for customers and staff alike, the 3 Station Luxury Series is a great fit. This trailer acts as a perfect addition to a medium-sized restroom that needs a few more stations for accessibility when your staff needs it. In comparison to our other portable restrooms for rent, the Luxury series is valued for its careful and thoughtful design, making it ideal for executive staff, venue caterers, event staff, and more. 


calypso series

The 8 Station Calypso Series is one of our portable bathrooms that is intentionally equipped to handle larger crowds without sacrificing elegant design. The 8 Station Calypso Series is a unit that combines ambiance and efficiency with its ability to service up to 750 guests while boasting clean wooden accents and atmospheric lighting. We recommend this restroom trailer for high-level executives like lawyers and politicians.

Hospitals and Caregiving

Classic portable bathrooms

If your hospital or care facility is seeing more visitors than usual due to the pandemic, perhaps you need a simple restroom solution that can provide a few extra places for guests and staff to safely relieve themselves. The  6 Station Classic Series  is one of the best portable bathrooms for the job. This medium-sized trailer can handle around 550 guests with ease, taking some stress away from the brick-and-mortar restroom options. 


Does one of these portable bathrooms  look like a good fit for your upcoming outdoor market? If so, request a quote and begin your rental process. Our sales team is on standby and ready to help you get your trailer rental as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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