Local businesses are the glue that hold communities together, They give us a reason to gather, something to do on a dull day, and often support many local events and organizations. More often than not, our portable restroom trailers support small businesses of every kind, from the local diner to the grocery store to the gym.

We recently got to partner with Bear Chase Brew, a taproom with a view unlike any other in Virginia. Learn more about this local staple:

Bear Chase Brewing Company started out as just a crazy idea hatched by five close friends in the middle of 2017. Initially, the intention was to turn the historic homestead into a premier bed and breakfast lodge, and this quickly came to fruition. But, we also saw the property’s potential as a destination farm brewery unique in the Bluemont area.

We wanted to be one with the land, so we have re-purposed several parts of the property for our farm brewery, such as using the original farm barn as our Brew Barn for our beer production. We have utilized reclaimed timber throughout the property to use in our Taproom, as well as carved custom taphandles from different species of trees on our acreage.

Bear Chase is currently growing hops, and plans to plant an orchard of fruit trees in the Spring as well as expand our hop fields to yield even more ingredients for our brewery. We will continue to utilize the brisk mountain water to create unique beers, and draw inspiration from our beautiful landscape.

For anyone who enjoys great craft beer and wants to spend quality time with family and friends, the picturesque views, mountain air, and natural beauty surrounding the newly completed Bear Chase Brewing Company Brew Barn and Taproom has no equal. With 35 secluded acres for guests to enjoy and explore, this is destination brewing at its best!”

As Bear Chase Brew reopened after COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, they knew they had to prioritize providing a safe, socially-distanced environment for guests. A portable restroom was on their list so that guests could easily enjoy a comfortable restroom experience

A Solution with a Portable Restroom

Bear Chase Brew knew they should expect a larger amount of visitors throughout the day due to their large outdoor venue. They wanted to ensure that everyone could access a safe restroom when they needed it, and we have the perfect portable restroom for them.

10 station portable restroom

The 10 Station Calypso Series is built for high volume use with a 200 gallon fresh water tank and 865 gallon waste tank. The spacious suites allow for plenty of in and out room for guests of all shapes and sizes.

The Calypso series portable restroom features a two tone brown design and includes all of the amenities of a home bathroom. In the women’s suite, you’ll find five stalls with privacy walls, a double sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and ample lighting. The men’s suite also features a similar double sink vanity and mirror, with three stalls and two standard urinals equipped with privacy walls. 

To ensure safe access to the unit, no matter what time of day or night, this portable restroom is equipped with aluminum stairs and railing and has ample porch lighting. The exterior is clean and sturdy, reinforced with materials that deters dents and scratches.

The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature no matter what outside weather may be like. These strips can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the unit when necessary, ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience.

The final feature of this portable restroom is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app allows unit managers to operate the unit remotely on a phone, tablet or laptop. The app allows for access to system operations like temperature, waste and fresh water tank levels, and more.

This portable restroom solution has allowed Bear Chase Brew to safely operate as they welcome back loyal local customers.

What Portable Restrooms Do You Need?

luxury portable restrooms

Do you have an increase in staff, a large event, or another project coming up that requires a restroom solution? We would love to speak with you! Visit our website today to browse our portable restroom for rent options - we are happy to hear about what you’re doing and are excited about the possibility of contributing to your success.