Portable Restroom Rentals During Renovations

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Portable Restroom Rentals During Renovations

For any business with a storefront, office, warehouse, or physical location, renovations are an inevitable part of operations. As time passes, parts of the building get too old to operate, You may go through a brand refresh and need to update the office to fit that new branding, or it’s simply time to change interior design touches that are out of style. Whatever the need may be, it is important that you keep your workspace looking fresh and engaging, especially if you have clients or customers who visit. Portable restroom rentals offer a way to show your employees and customers that despite the clutter and chaos that comes with renovations, you as the owner or manager still care about their comfort and well-being.

It’s one of many steps that can shine a positive light on your company while your space might not. Below, we have outlined how our portable restroom rentals can assist during renovations, ensuring that your brand still looks good, even while under construction. 

Employee Care

Let’s face it: no matter what you do, how organized the construction team is, or how you arrange your business’ location, renovations make for a very difficult working environment. From loud noise to constant foot traffic, relocating around the space to potential power issues, being a little uncomfortable during while changes are implemented is expected.

Your staff patiently works and waits as these renovations are underway, knowing that the changes are for the better. It is your job as the business owner or manager to create a positive company culture by doing all that you can to make them as comfortable as possible. Portable restroom rentals can help. They provide a removed location that can offer some peace and quiet and the ambiance and design shows them that, even in the little, mundane ways, you care. 

Customer Service

The worst part about renovations is that your business just looks a little messy and unorganized, no matter how neatly you set up your storefront or office areas that are under construction. On the other hand, closing during renovations means a loss in profit, and that is never good for business, especially those that are small or locally owned. 

Our solution: simply make the best out of a not-so-perfect situation. Put up signs letting customers know that construction is underway but the finished product will be worth it. Using portable restroom rentals when the bathroom is not accessible shows that you’re still putting in effort to make a valuable impression on visitors. These small steps work together to show your clientele that, while you may not be able to properly represent your business right now, steps were taken for the comfort of customers and they should look forward to the great completed renovations and designs to come. 


The last thing any business wants to do is close down and miss out on key opportunities to make money. Despite renovations being a necessary part of a business’ life, it’s costly to fund the upgrades, let alone to stop operating altogether while those upgrades are being made. How can you as a business owner continue to make profits while your location is under construction?

There are many steps that you can take, and among the top of your list should be an accessible restroom option. With portable restroom rentals, you can provide a bathroom option that is removed from the organized chaos of renovations, ensuring that your brand can provide that upscale and positive experience you are known for

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