The fair is definitely one ideal place that people go to have fun and make memories. It is a good bonding round for both adults and children. The return of fair activities means reopening of small businesses and development of new ones and since the occurrence of the pandemic, many people ran out of jobs especially people who make their living from outdoor events. This is therefore a good sign and hope that reopening of the fair will create more job opportunities. The surge in numbers of people who visit the fair during the summer makes the use of brick-and-mortar restrooms sound unappealing and this calls for furnished solutions such as portable restroom rentals.

With the oncoming Virginia State Fair in September, in Caroline County in Meadow Park where it is held annually, event planners face the pressure of starting preparations early to ensure that the people who will attend the fair will have an amazing experience with less limitations such as substandard social amenities that could cause inconveniences. And with the ongoing pandemic, the Virginia State Fair event planners need to ensure that they will provide an exhilarating experience to clients while still observing health and hygiene regulations.

They came to us for a portable restroom solution that would service their guests and staff. Brick-and-mortar spaces are a permanent solution but they may not be the most hygienic when it comes to serving a public space that can potentially hold more than a hundred people within a few hours. With the oncoming fair, there is excitement in the air and people are expected to flood the fair this year. So why not create a suitable environment for the staff and guests as they enjoy themselves by having unique restroom services that come with a shower option?

Below is our recommended portable restroom rental that allowed Virginia State Fair’s event planners to provide a positive restroom experience for staff and guests at the fair. Check the specs to determine if it is suitable for your fair setup.

The 4 Station Combo Classic Series

combo portable toilets

With the oncoming annual fair, it means that large numbers of people will be visiting the fair and event planners needed to consider getting more than one stall as they will be required to hire more staff to avoid overworking of the staff. Outdoor events may bring with them sweat and dirt or dust. The 4 station Combo Classic series comes with four compartments each with a separate outlet to give the user privacy and ample time.

Each compartment has a sink and shower, and the whole unit has a water heater, full insulated to save on energy and the lighting and double hand rail mean that the portable restroom rental can be used at any time. Its portability allows the organizer to conveniently place it where they wish to and it can be moved at any time.

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If you are a fair producer, the 4 Station Combo Classic Series is the ideal portable restroom rental for your staff and guests since it can accommodate four people at the same time, it is portable and has a vinyl floor plan that is easy to clean. If you wish to look for other portable restroom rental, continue browsing to get a rental choice that matches your needs. For all your questions, never hesitate to contact us. Our sales specialists are here to help you!