For our neighbors in California, wildfire season has just begun. Due to the dry heat of the state’s summer climate and the lack of rain for months after that, the vegetation is fragile and ready to light up at any spark. Year after year, we do what we can for the volunteers and survivors of wildfires, sending portable restroom rentals to organizations and communities that need them.

During these hard times, individuals and families can lose everything. We are thankful for the first responders that risk their lives to save others and the many nonprofits that work to get victims back on their feet. When you’ve lost everything, something as simple as a clean restroom or hot shower can provide comfort and normalcy. That’s why we prioritize assisting with portable restroom rentals when disaster strikes.

As California and other places prepare to battle fires, we want to provide our suggestions for portable restrooms that can help the firefighters battling the fire, nonprofits assisting those displaced, and community buildings that provide temporary housing for those affected.

Browse these portable restroom rentals and see if they are options that could assist your organization.

Portable Restroom Rentals for Relief

1. Small

For those who need a restroom that services a smaller volume of users, units like the 2 Station Malibu Comfortx Series are an ideal choice. Perfect for first responders working in the field, this is one of our portable restroom rentals that we’d highly recommend for rescue staff and volunteers. The simple yet elegant design lets employees know you care without overdoing it with unnecessary fluff. 

2. Accessible

Portable restroom rentals for Wildfire relief

Accessibility is a crucial necessity that makes everyone feel included. No matter what industry you work in, providing ADA-compliant restroom trailer rentals is occasionally required. ADA +9 Station Sierra Series is ideal since it provides those needing an ADA option with their need while also servicing those who do not. It is also well suited for large crowds.

3. Medium

The 8 Station Grand Mariner Series is designed for a moderate amount of use. Servicing up to 550 guests, this is an ideal option for large city halls or churches that may be providing housing for displaced residents. This is one of our restroom trailer rentals that will ensure all who need to use the restroom can access it, no matter how crowded the space may get.

4. Shower Option

For organizations wanting to provide a full restroom experience for the community, volunteers, or staff, the 3 Station Combo, Cabo Series is a great solution. After long hours working to battle a fire, feeding those who have lost everything, or being someone who has lost their childhood home, the heat of a shower can be a therapeutic solution for everyone involved in this disaster.  

Order Your Bathroom Rentals

These portable restroom rentals and more are simple yet effective ways to provide relief for first responders and comfort for those who must rebuild. We are passionate about assisting our communities nationwide and are here to help all who need assistance. If you are interested in ordering a portable restroom rentals for your staff or community, submit a quote. If you have a few more questions before choosing the best option for you, feel free to contact us.

For those not affected by the fires, you can still help. See these options for volunteering and donating to assist those who may need it.