When it comes to running a company, nothing is quite as important as keeping your employees happy and healthy. Many companies today are taking new initiatives when it comes to their staff, making the workplace a more desirable and comfortable place to be. We work hard to provide portable restroom trailer solutions to facilities all over the United States and abroad.
Despite it being a basic necessity, the restroom can make or break your work experience. That’s why we are glad to be in the business of creating comfortable, luxurious, and upscale portable restroom trailers that fit the needs of such a wide variety of companies.
We recently got to work with a large transportation company who saw a need for a restroom trailer option. They saw a need to improve their employees restroom experience, and we jumped at the opportunity to take on a new challenge.


In 1965, the founder of this well-known transportation company was just a teenager when he began dreaming about owning his own business. One day, he purchased an old truck and began hauling furniture locally.
He realized that large load transportation was a need that could grow his one-truck company into something big, so he added more truck to his fleet and started working in the intra-state area. Business continued to grow, and by the 1980s, with the deregulation of trucking, the business boomed.
They quickly began doing business throughout the United States, and this family owned and operated business invited new employees into their fold. In 2015, the company celebrated 50 years of service, and they know that growth is in their future. As they rang in 50 years, they celebrated a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles.
Today, the company serves all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic. They are excited to continue to grow their brand and know that they will rise to the challenge to meet the needs of their customers.
The company has a wide variety of specialties. They can offer their customers truckload solutions, high value and high risk item transportation, domestic transportation logistics, warehousing and fulfillment, international air and ocean shipping, and more. With their proven track record, customers can count on this transportation company to come to the rescue and ensure that their items are properly taken care of and transported.
As a family business, they take pride in their employees and consider them an extension of the family. They know that employee wellness is a priority, so when they noticed the need for a restroom upgrade, they took action.


This company sees a high volume of employees daily and saw a need for a bathroom option that could comfortably service them at a frequent rate throughout the day. The company came to us and we were happy to provide them with some portable restroom trailer options.
Given the demographics of this company’s staff, which is comprised of mostly male workers, we suggested the 9/2 Male Dominant Trailer. This restroom trailer is unique in that it is outfitted with a larger male restroom suite and a smaller female suite, ensuring that a bathroom is available for those need it.

This 29-foot long male dominant portable restroom trailer has an exterior designed for cleanliness and durability. It is fitted with a 200 gallon fresh water tank and 1150 gallon waste tank to allow for high volume use throughout the busy work day.The aluminum steps are sturdy and rails are added for safe and secure entry.
The female suite is fitted with two stalls with privacy walls, a sink, and shatter-proof mirror. The men’s suite has six stalls, three urinals, a triple-sink vanity and mirror. Each restroom has flushing china toilets, a paper towel dispenser, and hand dryer.
This bathroom trailer rental has an elegantly designed black and white interior and ample lighting. Despite this being a trailer for basic staff use, the Male Dominant Trailer provides a truly upscale experience with its clean interior design, welcoming users into a high end bathroom experience. Despite its casual purpose, employees can count on an elevated restroom experience.
Each restroom suite has air conditioning and heat strips to ensure that the interior climate is always comfortable no matter what outside weather may be like. The restroom trailer also has insulated walls and ceiling to further maintain that comfortable interior temperature.
An additional feature that accompanies the male dominant portable restroom trailer is the Smarter Restrooms App. This feature is great for those who are in charge of managing the restroom suite. System operators are able to monitor the unit remotely from a phone, tablet or laptop, enabling them to monitor the temperature, fresh water and waste tank levels, and more.


We were happy to suggest a unique portable restroom trailer that satisfied this company’s need. We are eager to continue building our portfolio and getting to know a wide variety of companies with different restroom needs.
Tell us about what you’re working on. From party planners to farmers to construction workers, we have [almost] seen it all. We’d be happy to provide you with a trailer rental that fits your needs.