Did you know that Americans use enough toilet paper in one year to wrap the Earth 40 times? Here are some other things about toilet paper that you might not know.  In 1857 Joseph Gayetty invented modern toilet paper and it was first sold in stacks of square sheets.  It wasn’t until 1879 that toilet paper started to be produced in the roll that we have now become familiar with.
iStock_000004593539XSmallSpeaking of rolls of toilet paper, the age old question is whether you set up your toilet roll to pull from over or under the roll. According to visual.ly the advantages of over are that it’s easier to tear off the desired number of sheets, it’s easier to grab the end, and there is less of a chance of scraping the walls with your knuckles or picking up germs from the wall. On the other hand, the advantages of pulling from under are a cleaner appearance and less of a chance of the roll unraveling, either by a cat or by an environmental cause, such as an earthquake.  Visual.ly also found that 50% of people notice the toilet paper orientation and a bold 20% will flip the roll to the orientation they prefer.
Now some people may be wondering “who thinks this much about toilet paper”? Well, at Portable Restrooms Trailers, we do. Portable Restroom Trailers cares about making every customer happy.  Because of that we make sure the restrooms are clean, well lit, and cared for by having an attendant available to make sure all problems are tended to in a timely manner.  Whether you prefer your toilet paper under or over, everyone can agree that Portable Restroom Trailers is the perfect option for any sort of event.