Portable Restroom Trailers are ideal for construction sites. We have trailers specific to the size of your project and your needs. Even for large, long term construction projects we have commercial grade trailers that can include locker rooms and showers.
For fun, let’s look at one of the largest, most expensive construction projects ever. It also happens to be one of the few construction project that we aren’t equipped to support.
The International Space Station is the largest orbiting body in space. It is so large it can be seen from earth by the naked eye. The first module of the space station was launched in 1998 and it has been added to ever since.
At a cost of nearly $160 billion dollars, the space station may be the most expensive construction project ever. The cost is shared by many countries and organizations including NASA, Roskosmos, JAXA, CSA, and ESA.
Zvezda_toiletSo if our restroom trailers don’t go to space (yet), how do the astronauts on the space station use the restroom in zero gravity?
The International Space Station has two restrooms. The Russian designed toilets are in the Zvezda and Tranquility modules of the station. The toilets use air suction to collect the waste instead of a water flush. Special anatomical attachments aid both male and female astronauts. The restrooms also include foot holds and a lap bar to prevent the astronaut from floating away.
The showers on the International Space Station have proved more difficult than restrooms. After experimenting with showers in the 1970’s and 80’s the International Space Station does not include showers. Instead, the crew washes using a water jet and wet wipes. To save water, the shampoo they use does not need to be rinsed off and their toothpaste is edible.
While we can’t offer support for the specific needs of the space station (and delivery would be tricky), we can customize our trailers to fit most other projects. Our commercial grade restroom trailers can be equipped with a shower area, changing area with locker room-style benches, and heating and air conditioning.
These trailers help save your project money by reducing the time your workers have to spend off-site. While $160 billion dollars is a pretty hefty price tag for the space station, imagine how much more it would be if they had to fly the crew members back to earth every time they needed to use the restroom.