Easter is around the corner, and with that oftentimes come egg hunts in fields with Easter Bunny visits, church picnics and events, and in some areas, sunrise services on the beach or in a park. All have in common one thing…the need for sufficient outdoor portable bathrooms.
Although an event or service might be held on church grounds, it may be more lucrative and convenient to provide additional outdoor portable restrooms, especially if you are expecting a large attendance or the event is spread out over a significant area. This will create a shorter walking distance to and from the restroom, as well as prevent long lines for it. The same holds true whether the event is held at a park, field, or beach. An adequate amount of toilets at an event is crucial in meeting your guests’ needs.
Especially at Easter time when there is fun to be had outside, families with children are drawn to events such as egg hunts, where they can meet the Easter Bunny, expel energy in bounce houses, and enjoy candy, food and drinks. Not only is it important to have enough bathrooms available in a convenient location, but it is essential to provide safe and sanitary bathrooms, too. Moms want their little ones to stay clean and healthy, so offering them a portable bathroom option that they approve of will ensure a good time for all.
If you’ve planned an outdoor Easter event but forgot about portable restroom trailer reservations, it’s not too late. Most companies are willing to accommodate you, even at the last minute. If you’re attending an event and aren’t sure what the restroom accommodations will be, it doesn’t hurt to bring a little pack of tissues and sanitary hand wipes with you, just in case. Make sure you stay safe, warm, and clean, but most of all have fun!