Of all the many industries we get to partner with, the events industry continues to take the lead when it comes to innovation and creativity. No two events are ever quite the same, and getting to see what these professionals is truly a treat for our team. They know the importance of creating a positive visitor experience throughout their event, even in the bathroom. Our portable restroom trailers, especially the luxury lines, tend to be an affordable and easy solution for them.

We recently got to know a new production company called MA Events. This company always puts their best foot forward and aims to go above and beyond for their client. Here’s a little about them:

“OUR APPROACH:  We are the team for you, for your special events. We will be the costumes for your parties with the spell of architectural - interior skills & ideas. Creative from the core we know what our customers needs, from the first meeting till the execution, we play a human-friendly part from our client to our vendors for smooth operations.

WHAT MAKES US DOMINATE: We are a group of creative thinkers, designers, and executors which amplifies any nature of event and décor. We make sure to plan an event by researching objective, locations, vendors, event plan and a cost-effective goal oriented proposal to our clients whether its physical or digital, your event is our responsibility.”

They needed portable restroom trailers for an upcoming event and knew that we could provide a solution. 

A Solution with Portable Restroom Trailers

Once we discussed their restroom rental need, we knew the perfect fit for their guests. MA Events was putting on an event that had a large number of attendees, but despite the numbers, they wanted every individual to feel important and cherished. They didn’t want a restroom experience that would make anyone feel like they weren’t being provided with the best. With this in mind, we handpicked the 13 Station Key West Sunset Series.

This 32 foot luxury portable restroom trailer was designed for high volume use. With a 1250 gallon waste tank, we can guarantee that this unit is built to handle a large number of users for a long amount of time with ease. The exterior is built with dent-resistant materials to maintain its clean and attractive look. Ample lighting is installed at each door to ensure that access is safe and easy at any time, day or night. Aluminum handrails are also included as an additional safety precaution.

The interior of this luxury portable restroom trailer is accented with hardwood cabinetry and wood moldings, creating a warm and upscale atmosphere. Wood grain vinyl flooring is installed for easy cleaning without sacrificing elegant design. Each restroom suite is equipped with flushable toilets and a double sink vanity with a shatterproof mirror. 

The men’s suite includes three privacy stalls with toilets and three waterless urinals. You’ll find seven stalls in the women’s suite, each with privacy walls and locking doors. The entire luxury portable restroom trailers unit is insulated to maintain a comfortable interior atmosphere. Added air conditioning and heat strips also contribute to maintaining the temperature, keeping it comfortable despite outdoor weather. 

large portable restroom trailers

The unit overall can service up to 1000 guests, perfect not only for an event with many visitors, but also for construction sites, film production, government agencies, and more. 

Get Your Restroom Trailer

With our continued success partnering with such a diverse range of companies, we are confident in our ability to help those who may have a restroom need in the future. Tell us about your business. Do you hire temporary or seasonal staff? Have a venue or facility that needs more restroom access. How about a nonprofit organization that services those in need? If so, we are here to help you solve all of your restroom problems with a wide range of portable bathroom trailers. With basic to luxury designs, small to large in size, we have the restroom trailer that is perfectly equipped for your exact needs! 

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