Daylight savings this past weekend has really put me into the spring mood. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer, and I am ready to get outside for some great spring events! If you are someone who plans an event in the springtime and you aren’t already in full organizer mode I hope these signs of spring have kicked you into action.
Something that every outdoor barbeque, fair, concert or wedding will need this spring is portable restrooms. The kind of event you are putting on should determine the kind of facilities you provide. For a wedding you may want to choose a luxury restroom trailer to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. If you have a multiple day event like a cross-state bike ride or a music festival you may need to provide shower trailers. Find something that fits your practical needs as well as the style of the event.
The placement of your portable restroom trailers is another thing to consider. For a smaller event such as a wedding it is probably more practical to group your bathrooms in one area. For a large event such as a fair you may need to spread restrooms throughout the location to provide easy access for everyone. Consider the placement of other parts of your event and work out the best place for a portable restroom for your specific situation.
One of the simplest ways to avoid a problem is to consider how many people will attend your event. You need to be sure you have enough restrooms to accommodate everyone. It is always better to anticipate more guests to be sure you won’t have any overcrowded bathrooms. Although the restrooms are important, when planning your spring event spend as much time as possible don’t neglect thinking about the actual event itself, not just the restrooms!
Carefully consider all the details before choosing a portable restroom trailer provider who is capable of handling maintenance and cleaning during the event. Taking a short amount of time to think about these things beforehand will eliminate some of the pressure so that you’ll be free to enjoy the results of all your hard work at an awesome event!