Evanston Middle School is located in the South West corner of Wyoming in the Uinta County School District. The middle school will be undergoing some renovations so they will be needing additional restroom facilities. Consequently they reached out to Portable Restroom Trailers.
Although the first day of school is August 25th, the trailer will be arriving this week so that the renovations can get underway and the restroom trailer can be set up and working in time for the beginning of the new school year.AA-Ada-plus-2-shower-combo--portable-restrooms-trailer
This year, Evanston Middle School has enrolled more students than ever before so they were in need of increased restroom space. Additionally, the school board told the school that they needed to add more handicap accessible facilities.
Because of these new requirements the school decided to remodel everything at once. Unfortunately the work wasn’t completed in time so the remodel and renovations must continue into the school year. This is why they needed to purchase a portable restroom for their students.
The school purchased a 6-10 station ADA trailer with the Arctic Package. The ADA trailer was a great choice to provide more handicap facilities. These trailers have non-slip ramps for easy accessibility, as well as a larger space to allow for full wheelchair rotation. In addition, the Arctic Package is very important if the trailer is in a location where freezing temperatures will be expected. Situated in Wyoming, and close to the mountains, weather in Evanston is very unpredictable and it’s possible that the trailer could still be there in the winter, so the Arctic package was essential.
The Arctic package protects the pipes and tanks from freezing. During the construction process, the trailers are made with heating ducts throughout the trailer, as well as special antifreeze gel that flows through the pipes to prevent freezing. Managing a frozen plumbing system in a restroom trailer at a middle school while construction is going on is not an ideal situation for anyone. That is why Portable Restroom Trailers takes care in providing many solutions to help prevent various problems and concerns.
We hope the construction goes well and we wish the best of luck to the students of 2014-2015!