Recently, Portable Restrom Trailers, LLC provided trailers to the Ryder’s Cup. The golfers and spectators enjoyed the vent and inherent competition that much more knowing they could relieve themselves in a clean, luxuries environment a safe distance from the course.
Golf is a sport with a proud and noble tradition. Golfers and spectators would feel uncomfortable, at best, using traditional portable toilets. By investing in portable restroom trailers, the PGA and Ryder’s cup sponsors were able to provide everyone with suitable bathroom facilities.

Portable Restroom Trailers Improve Events

Imagine The Scenario
You and your event planning team have spent months planning an amazing outdoor event. Whether it’s a concert or a sporting event, the participants and attendees are anticipating the event with great enthusiasm.
Finally, the big day arrives. The weather is cooperating and the turnout is huge. Just as you, your event planning team, and the venue owner are sitting back to relax and enjoy the moment you realize you have a problem. A big problem. Bathrooms!
The venue itself may or may not have brick and mortar bathrooms, but if it does, they’re not sufficient to handle the crowds itself. With a little planning, portable restroom trailers can help you avoid this disaster.

How Portable Restroom Trailers Work

Our Luxury 9 station portable restroom rentals provide comfortable bathroom accommodations that far surpass traditional portable toilets. One Luxury 9 trailer includes two separate entrances, one for males, one for females. On the women’s side, there are four stall bathrooms with white china toilets and two sinks. On the men’s side, there are two stall bathrooms, three waterless urinals and two sinks.
Overall, the interior of a portable restroom trailer evokes the feeling of a bathroom at a nice restaurant. Six panel doors, custom cabinetry, and wood grain linoleum floors are just the beginning. Details matter and the luxury trailer doesn’t skimp. Additional features include recessed ceiling lights, vanity lighting over the sinks and mirrors with safety backed glass. Finally, the Corian countertops and stainless steel sinks add a touch of class suitable for any event.
In addition, unlike traditional plastic portable toilets, portable restroom trailers typically include a large waste tank, meaning your event goers can flush. To top it off, they hook into city water using a regular garden hose giving your attendees the ability to flush and wash with real water. Our amazing team will set up your portable restroom trailer on site and remove it after the event.

Portable Restroom Rentals Bring Luxury to Any Event

Whether you’re hosting something as staid as a golf tournament or an event suitable for a more raucous crowd – like an outdoor rock concert – bringing portable restroom trailers on site will make for a more pleasurable experience. Everyone involved will enjoy the real running water and flushable toilets. They’ll also appreciate the comfort and style offered in these trailers.
Keep your event attendees happy and comfortable so they’ll want to come back for years to come. A portable restroom trailer is one great way to ensure a successful event that draws repeat business.