Not only are portable restroom trailers great for renting or leasing, but they’re also a practical purchase for businesses and organizations that might use them for a long term facility solution. Depending on how long the facility needs it for, oftentimes it turns out that it is more cost effective to purchase the restroom trailer rather than lease it long term. And because they are so durable and long lasting, previously owned trailers are frequently purchased.
For example, Portable Restroom Trailers just sold and shipped five used trailers to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii. The center purchased 2 ADA + 6 unit trailers, as well as 3- 12 unit trailers so that their guests would be able to easily find and safely use a portable restroom on their journeys through the island nations of Polynesia. This island attraction gives guests a native experience of the Polynesian islands such as Samoa, Fiji, and Hawaii to name a few. Some of the activities on the adventure include tree climbing, fire making, spear throwing, cooking, canoe races, and much, much more. Once the day is over, the evening can be topped off with an exciting show, featuring over 100 Polynesian natives.
With so much to do and so many guests, it’s essential for the park to provide a private, clean, enjoyable bathroom environment that is efficient and long lasting. Whether it’s on the Mainland or an island, used or brand new, a portable restroom trailer will create a win-win for both the owner and the guests…peace and happiness.