Already in 2012, we have seen a handful of earthquakes and an outbreak of deadly tornadoes. And hurricane season hasn’t even begun yet. It’s time to prepare for the relief that people will need as we head into the “super storm” time of year.
Natural disasters not only bring physical damage, but also emotional devastation to those who experience it. After the destruction of a natural disaster is when most people are vulnerable; wondering where do I go, what do I do, how do I begin to put my life back together? There are many organizations that aid in disaster relief, all offering something different. Some bring food and water, some offer laundry cleaning; others help rebuild homes and businesses, while others provide portable restroom trailers and showers. When your loved ones are all you have left, a good meal and a warm shower go a long way.
Portable restroom trailers and showers are a necessity to those who have lost their own amenities. There are trailers that have restrooms only, showers only, or combos that include both restrooms and showers. All of them include sinks. They are private, climate controlled, clean, sanitary, and offer just a little bit of comfort and peace of mind after a turbulent storm.
We are thankful to all of the supporting organizations that when a disaster happens, are there to help and encourage our fellow human beings.