With women as the fastest growing segment of golfers, it is even more important than ever to have enough restroom facilities to support the growing demand. Whether it is the professional circuit or just the casual player, women are flocking to golf in droves. What a great thing for the world of golf!
As we head into another great golf season let’s take a look at all the reasons women have been picking up the sport.
For Business
Golf has long been a place to get to know new clients, network, and grow relationships outside the office. Women are starting to tap into this great opportunity to raise their professional worth.
For Socializing
A few hours outside are a great way to catch up with friends and even make new ones. Women can get to know their male friends or simply enjoy an all-girls day out on the links.
For Fitness
Golf is a great way to stay in shape while doing something fun. It takes a fair amount of core strength and endurance to survive 18 holes of golf.
With the many reasons for women joining the sport it is important to have facilities to accommodate them. While only male restroom trailers out on the course would have been fine 10 years ago, now it just won’t do.
As a golf course it is important to understand this changing trend and adapt to it accordingly. Portable Restroom Trailers just received our new Single Unit Portable Pods that are perfect for golf courses. They are air conditioned units that are still very easy to move in case of a storm or an event that needs a different layout. Being able to change the restroom trailer layout at any time is a very useful and unique ability [on a golf course. That is becoming the trend among golf courses as more of them are leaning towards the benefit.