There isn’t one state that hasn’t been affected by the crazy winter weather of 2014. Even Florida has experienced some unusually cold weather and had some snow blow through. As Valentine’s Day weekend approaches, the latest storm, Pax, isn’t showing any mercy. In fact, some states have “rescheduled” Valentine’s Day this year for FebruaryHeart-shaped clearing on a snowy car windshield 18th!
With all this winter mayhem, almost every aspect of life is being affected. Here are some examples from around the country of how badly these storms have affected so many.

  • School districts have run out of snow days and are scrambling to find ways to make them up
  • Hundreds of car crashes have been reported (more than 200 in Georgia alone as a result of the latest storm)
  • Power outages that have caused hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses to be in the dark
  • Livestock and grain deliveries disrupted
  • Businesses losing money due to snow closings, road shut downs, power outages

Although it may seem that the storms only have a temporary affect, in reality, we may be seeing affects from this two or four months down the road. For instance, schools will have to make up the days during vacation weeks, holidays, and even at the end of the year. Some kids may still be going to school at the end of June.
Since the weather has caused so much disruption of business around the country, Portable Restroom Trailers would like to remind you to plan ahead. Because of the massive storms that have blown through, manufacturing and production of portable restrooms has experienced delays. If you plan on ordering portable restrooms for the upcoming season, please do so as soon as possible so that you get your order in and started right away.

If you are in an area being hit by the latest storm, please be careful and stay warm!