Portable Restrooms for California Vineyards

portable restrooms for california vineyards
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Portable Restrooms for California Vineyards

California vineyards are large outdoor spaces that everyone loves to visit. In addition to a bar and tasting room, they often have a farm that guests may want to check out while visiting. Portable restrooms ensure they have access to the facilities no matter where on the property they may be.  

Portable Restroom Trailers has provided trailers for many California vineyards. We have saved them a substantial amount of money on remodeling costs. Learn more about vineyards’ needs and the portable restrooms that are best suited to their aesthetic.  

What is the California Vineyard Experience Like?

California is known for its wine-growing areas that are mainly concentrated around Napa Valley. The Valley is filled with wineries that you can visit year-round. 

There are a variety of winery experiences you can enjoy. You can come in for a glass of wine or to purchase products. Or you can set up a tasting for you and your friends. 

A tasting involves sampling the different wines the winery has to offer. The wine may be served along with food items. You will get an educational experience as you learn about the wines. Most tastings must be scheduled in advance. 

The wineries often have large outdoor farms where they grow grapes. Traipsing through the farms can be a delightful experience. But guests may find themselves far from the winery buildings without a restroom. That’s where portable restrooms come in handy. 

Wineries can order portable restrooms to serve their employees and visitors year-round. Or they can order them for their busy seasons to save money. August to October tend to be the best times of year for visiting wine country as it’s harvesting season and there are a lot of fun seasonal activities to enjoy.

What Portable Restrooms are Best for California Vineyards?

portable restrooms support vineyards

Vineyards typically have an upscale feel. Luxury portable restrooms will fit the bill. They can be big or small depending on the crowd the winery expects. 

Here are a few that are ideal for winery needs.  

3 Station Luxury Winery Series: What could be more perfect for a California winery than the Luxury Winery Series.? This model offers 3 suites, each with a separate entrance. All suites feature a toilet, a hand wash, sinks, and a wall-to-wall vanity. The men’s suite has a urinal. It is climate controlled and attractively designed. 

5-Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: The 5-Station Seabreeze Luxury Series features a women’s suite with three private stalls and a men’s suite with one private stall and a urinal. The restrooms are attractive with a minimalist interior, modern flooring, and color-coordinated surfaces. The AC unit and heat strips maintain a comfortable indoor climate. 

9-Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: The 9-Station Seabreeze Luxury is ideal for accommodating larger crowds. The women’s suite is equipped with five private stalls. The men’s suite features two private stalls and two standard urinals. The unit is attractively designed with a modern interior, updated flooring, and an aesthetically pleasing color scheme. 

Portable Restroom Trailers Matches a Wide Selection with Quality Service

At Portable Restroom Trailers, we understand that California Vineyards expect high-quality service. We heed the call by treating our clients with the utmost care and respect. You can count on us to come through with the products you need when you need them. 

Our facilities are safe, sanitary, and secure. Our wide selection ensures you will find the items you need. Contact us for a free quote to discover how we can help your business live up to its expectations. 

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