One of the perks of being a leading provider of portable restrooms for rent is our ability to work with unique clients all over the globe. From a vacation destination on the Gulf of Mexico to disaster relief organizations in Hawaii, we are proud of the valuable product that we can offer our partners.
We recently got to work with Bob Salas, a businessman who saw a unique need for portable restrooms for rent. He is partnering with the US Military to provide our troops with a luxury restroom option as they fight for our freedom.


Bob Salas is a savvy businessman with investments across the globe. He has worked with the military in the past and knows the level of standards that they require for their bases. When he heard news that the Japan base had plans to move to Guam, inspiration struck.
As the military was making their plans to move, Bob approached us with a business idea. He knew that this corner of the world didn’t offer luxury restroom rental options, and given the strict guidelines set forth by our military, they would soon need a solution. After doing some research, Bob knew we could offer them an ideal restroom rental.
He hoped to purchase a portable restroom trailer from us that he could rent to the military to earn a profit. Given his entrepreneurial mindset and tangible passion, we were eager to jump on board. He described the military’s guidelines for restroom facilities. They had not used port-a-potties in over 20 years and did not wish to bring them back. They wanted to provide everyone, from young and green soldiers to highly ranked generals, with a restroom experience that made them feel comfortable and at home.
After chatting with Bob, we knew exactly what kind of portable restrooms he needed. In addition to restrooms, we knew we could also customize other trailer solutions, like showers, break rooms, and more. Bob was so excited to get started with us, and we were proud to offer the perfect solution.


With plenty of trailer rental ideas to choose from, we thought it best to start with the 10 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer, Coastal Series.

This 24-foot portable restroom trailer is equipped for high-volume use with an 865-gallon waste tank and 200-gallon fresh water tank. Visitors are greeted by a clean and fresh exterior that is built with aluminum steps and handrails for safe and convenient access. The entryway to each suite has ample lighting above the door for added safety and easy entry during anytime, day or night.
As visitors enter the portable restrooms for rent, they find an interior design scheme with nautical influences. The two-tone gray and white design is elegant and upscale and is complimented by designer flooring and doors to each stall. The men’s suite includes 2 privacy stalls and 3 urinals, while the women’s suite includes 5 privacy stalls.
Each stall of the women’s suite has a flushing china toilet that flushes with the step of a pedal. The suite is equipped with a double sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and a paper towel dispenser for a full and upscale restroom experience. The men’s suite also has flushing toilets in each privacy stall, and urinals are given some added privacy with walls separating each one. Two sink vanities and shatterproof mirrors finish out the men’s suite, with a paper towel dispenser for hand drying.
The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature no matter what outside weather may be like. These strips can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the unit when necessary, ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience.
The final feature of this portable restrooms for rent is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app allows unit managers to operate the unite remotely on a phone, tablet or laptop. The app allows for access to system operations like temperature, waste and fresh water tank levels, and more.
Bob purchased the trailer and now has an earning potential in the millions with his portable restrooms for rent. We applaud his business mindset and strategy and were so happy to help him succeed.


We are glad the Bob Salas came to us with his idea to provide our military in Guam with a quality restroom experience by providing a restroom rental for rent option. The work being done at this military base is invaluable, and the members of our country who are putting their lives on the line to get the job done deserve the absolute best. We knew the Coastal Series Portable Restroom Trailer could provide an unexpectedly pleasant restroom experience, and we are happy to continue thinking up new trailers that could benefit those who work on base.
Tell us about your portable restroom need. Do you need a portable restroom for rent at an upcoming event, for employees, or for disaster relief? We are happy to supply our unique portable restroom trailers for a wide variety of partners! Tell us about your project in the comments below and let’s start customizing your restroom need.