In the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, California, you’ll find some of the finest, most picturesque, and most famous wineries in the United States.  Anyone who visits Sonoma wine country is also likely to visit one of PRT’s portable restrooms for rent during their trip.  Our portable restrooms provide the quality and comfort that guests in the wine country have come to expect.  And wineries love the affordability, mobility, and ease of maintenance that PRT provides.
Portable Restrooms for Rent in the California Wine Country
The history of winemaking in the Sonoma Valley goes back to the middle of the 19th century, towards the end of the California Gold Rush.  Today, Sonoma County leads the way in American winemaking, with the largest and most valuable grape harvest in all of California.  The breathtaking scenery in the valleys of Sonoma County have also made it a popular destination for travelers from around the world, with hospitality becoming one of the county’s largest industries in recent decades.

Partnering with Wineries for Portable Restrooms for Rent

We recently got a call from one of the most distinguished wineries in Sonoma.  This winery has been producing critically-acclaimed wines for more than 50 years, and the family that owns the winery has been working the same parcel of land for six generations.  It is a historic site that is known for providing an exquisite wine country experience.  Amid the splendor of this historic land, PRT’s luxury portable restrooms fit right in.
When the owners of the winery reached out to us, they were looking for a solution to a recurring problem they had been facing.  The winery regularly hosts luxurious weddings and private events on its grounds.  And oftentimes, management had trouble securing portable restrooms for rent that provided the level of luxury and comfort that the guests at their high-end events expect.
The winery had considered the option of building a permanent structure, but there were several problems with that approach.  The cost would be exorbitantly high.  In addition to the cost of construction and utilities, there would be a strict and time-consuming permitting process.  A permanent structure would also limit the options that guests had in terms of the locations for their events.  The winery would either need to limit events to a single location, or build multiple structures around the grounds.
The winery was initially hesitant to consider portable restrooms as a long-term solution.  They were skeptical that a portable restroom could provide the level of comfort that their guests demand.  But when they learned about the luxurious and modern options that PRT offers, they quickly had a change of heart.

Modern, Mobile and Luxurious Restroom Solutions

PRT manufactures a broad range of portable restrooms for rent that can accommodate distinguished and discerning guests at the most luxurious high-end events.  Our units feature authentic restroom components, designer finishes, and all the amenities that you would expect from a permanent restroom structure.

After shopping through our product line and considering all the options we offer, the owners of the winery decided on a 2-station Cabo unit from our Comfort Series.  This unit would provide ample capacity for the winery’s typical events.  The small footprint and ease of mobility meant it could be simply relocated to different parts of the winery grounds.  And the earth tone designer finishes would allow it to fit in perfectly with the beautiful scenery of the surrounding valley at high-end events.

High-End Portable Restrooms for Rent

PRT’s Comfort Series restroom trailers feature privacy, luxury, and all the amenities of home.  The men’s and women’s suites have separate entrances – each with extra-wide aluminum folding steps and double handrails.  Exterior porch lighting ensures safe entry and exit no matter the time of day or night.
When guests enter the bathroom suite, they are greeted by a warm and welcoming interior lighting package that highlights the designer woodgrain vinyl flooring.  Both suites feature a genuine flushable china toilet and a wall-to-wall lockable vanity.  Solid surface countertops support under-mounted designer sinks and metered faucets.  Above the vanities, you’ll find oversized shatterproof glass mirrors and wall-mounted paper towel and soap dispensers.  The men’s suit includes a water-saving wall-mounted urinal.
Regardless of the temperature outside, guests will relax in comfort thanks to our year-round climate control system.  Integrated thermal heat strips and a roof-mounted air conditioning system keep the inside of the trailer at a comfortable temperature in any season.  Fully insulated walls and ceilings make our portable restrooms for rent efficient and consistent.

Flexible Solutions for Any Situation

Moving our units from one location to another is a simple task that can be accomplished in minutes with any standard towing vehicle.  The 2-station unit that we delivered to the winery has a compact footprint at only 12 feet of length overall.  But even our larger units are easy to move, with electric braking and battery-powered run-away control.
We use only the highest quality construction components to ensure minimal maintenance season after season.  The roof is constructed with a single seamless piece of aluminum, and our patented dust-free frame system comes with a 3-year structural warranty.
The winery owners are very happy with their new portable restroom, and we’re looking forward to adding another satisfied client to our long list of repeat customers.  If you would like to learn more about PRT, our extensive selection of portable restrooms for rent, and our many flexible financing options – please contact our customer satisfaction team today at (877) 600-8645.