Portable Showers Support Essential Workers during COVID-19

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Portable Showers Support Essential Workers during COVID-19

As most of the world adjusts to the many changes that COVID-19 has brought, there are many workers who still commute to work every day despite the risks. While working from home is becoming more mainstream, essential workers must report to their worksites to treat those affected by the pandemic, provide necessary goods and services, and assist in keeping some sense of normalcy to our daily lives. Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, our remote team works tirelessly to ensure that essential workers needing portable showers get the tools they need to keep themselves safe and healthy during these hard times.

Portable showers provide a wide variety of solutions. Many of these worksites are impacted, with many temporary workers onsite to support the usual team. This means less access to brick-and-mortar restrooms. Many also must work long shifts, with those in the medical field working 12 and 16 hour shifts to ensure that lives are saved. It is our job to provide these essential workers with the tools necessary to keep pushing on, and something as small as a daily shower can work wonders to improve morale.

Below, we outline the many ways that portable showers can assist essential workers. When this pandemic ends, we will have them to thank for not only keeping everyone’s daily needs available, but also for helping to save those most affected by COVID-19. If you are an essential worker, see which of these options would best assist your workplace and contact us to learn more about purchasing portable showers.

Portable Shower Options for 7 Essential Industries

1. Medical Field: ADA +2 Station Combo, Oahu Series

ADA portable showers

An easy extension of a hospital or medical office’s brick-and-mortar restroom, this full-service restroom has an ADA option for patients who need it, or tired doctors and nurses who’d simply appreciate the extra space. Two additional standard stalls ensure all who need restroom access have it. 

2. Nonprofits: 8 Station Shower Trailer, Classic Series

large portable showers


This large trailer filled with portable showers ensures that busy nonprofits that are assisting the homeless, healthcare professionals, first responders, and more can provide sanitary showers.

3. Energy Companies: 2 Station Combo, Cabo Series

combo portable showers

Power remains necessary for every business, essential or not. With many employees working from home, it’s important that energy providers are out in the field keeping every community powered up. This small restroom provides portable showers and toilets for essential workers out in the field.

4. Municipalities: 3 Station Combo, Cabo Series

 Garbage still needs to be picked up, buses and planes must transport essential workers, and important documents need to be mailed and carried out. To support these essential workers, we suggest the 3 Station Combo, Cabo Series, a full-service restroom that is a great addition to your brick-and-mortar option.

5. City Management: 3 Station Shower Trailer, Affordable Advantage Series

affordable portable showers

Despite the setbacks a pandemic can bring, cities must do their best to operate as usual. Maintaining roads, ensuring key government workers can meet and accomplish goals, and maintaining public spaces must stay high priority. These portable showers include sinks for handwashing and are a perfect solution for city employees working hard for their communities.

6. Logistics: 6 station Shower Trailer, Classic Series

Logistics companies are more busy than ever. With people at home, more items are being ordered online and must be shipped. Keeping warehouse workers and drivers safe while ensuring productivity and punctuality can get difficult. To support extra employees and maintain a sanitary environment, Classic Series portable showers provide employees with extra bathroom space to stay clean and refreshed for the job.

7. Consumer Stores: 2 Station Combo, Cabo Comfort Series

small combo portable showers

Grocery and store owners and managers: your lives have changed significantly since COVID-19 hit the US. We applaud your dedication to assisting the public with necessary goods! Support your hard-working staff with extra restrooms. This compact bathroom option allows staff working long hours to take some time for themselves to get clean and sanitized.

Get Your Portable Showers

We want to let all essential workers know that we at PRT highly value not only the work they are doing, but the courage it has taken to keep working throughout this difficult time. Know that we are here to support with portable showers and more.

If one of these options sounds like an ideal fit for your business, request a quote to begin your process. Need a little more information? Feel free to contact us! Our staff is eager to have a conversation and find the perfect solution for you.

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