Over the last few years of growth, our company has acquired a wide variety of portable trailer restrooms. We work with so many industries, from events to project management, construction to transportation. As we continue to work and grow, we have come to realize that our inventory has gotten quite overwhelming. Our customers have one question that always comes up: which restroom trailer is right for them?

This list is for facilities like warehouses and large production sites. We know that you could use portable trailer restrooms for temporary or seasonal employees, during restroom renovations, and to provide extra access when your brick-and-mortar bathroom simply isn’t enough. These suggestions range in price and size, ensuring that our suggestions fit the need of any facility. Take a look!

These options are currently available in our inventory and ready to ship now. 

2 Station Designer Series

compact portable trailer restrooms

Perfect for a facility that needs just a little more restroom access, the 2 Station Malibu is a compact yet dependable option. With one men’s and one women’s suit, this is one of our popular portable trailer restrooms with all of the amenities of a home bathroom in a small, flexible option. It is also perfect for those on a smaller budget.

4 Station Tropic Series

medium portable trailer restrooms

The 4 Station Tropic provides a luxurious restroom option for your employees. Each suite can service two visitors at a time, and ample porch lighting allows for easy and safe access no matter what time, day or night. With a clean, nautical interior design theme as a finishing touch, the Tropic portable trailer restrooms are ideal for facilities with a more upscale environment.

6 Station Oahu Series

versatile portable trailer restrooms

For those who need a no-muss no fuss, durable, and dependable restroom option, the 6 Station Oahu is perfect for you. Perfect for medium-sized companies that require a little more restroom service, this portable trailer restroom gets the job done. Durability does not mean we ignored interior design - this is a trailer fit for high-level executives and entry-level employees alike. 

11 Station Classic Series - Male Dominant

gender specific portable trailer restrooms

For large companies, our 11 Station portable trailer restrooms are ideal. For many facilities, the male-to-female ratio differs significantly, and this can have an impact on restroom availability. The male-dominant 11 Station Classic is designed with this in mind, ensuring that the employees who need restroom access have it. The clean and simple interior greets guests and provides a comfortable and pleasant experience. 

12 Station Maritime Pro Series

XL restrooms

For large facilities that need to service hundreds of employees a day, this is the portable trailer restroom for you. With five stations in both the men’s and women’s suites, access is efficient and easy for your employees and staff. This trailer is also equipped with basic restroom amenities like running water, soap and paper towel dispensers, mirrors, and ample lighting. 

We encourage you to explore each of these portable trailer restrooms and find the best option for your business. If you have additional questions, we’re here to help! Contact us and our team of experts will guide you through your restroom options. 

When it comes to budget, we’ve got options! Browse our sale items and speak with a representative about financing options.