For many of us around the country, there is finally a chill in the air. The leaves are changing color and it’s time to begin transitioning our closets from summer to fall. This means that cold temperatures are around the corner, and despite all of the fun festivities to come, it's important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at us. This is why we have prioritized creating four season packages for our portable trailers for sale.

The four season package is an add-on for restroom trailers that ensures your unit is equipped to handle a wide range of temperatures. It ensures that your fleet can stay up and running through the hot summer weather with air conditioning and insulation, and can also handle winter storms that reach temps as low as -20 degrees. The upgrades this package has makes sure that your trailer is operating smoothly and also keeps guests comfortable with interior climate control. It’s a win-win upgrade - easier extreme weather operations and guaranteed guest comfort and satisfaction!

As we transition to colder weather, many restroom trailers owners much consider how to continue operating during the season. We’ve thought it all through and are here to help! We currently have restroom trailers in stock with four season packages included that are now available for purchase. Here are five recommendations for those interested in this highly recommended package upgrade. 

*Restroom trailers sell quickly! If you click a link and it says "recently sold," the unit has already been claimed. Feel free to contact us for a similar option.

4 Season Portable Trailers for Sale Now

3 Station Designer Series

medium portable trailers for sale

A compact unit that is simply designed to please any crowd, this trailer is a great fit for any industry. The Designer Series are portable trailers for sale specifically designed to fit in with any atmosphere, and with the four season package, it can handle your small crowd with ease in any type of weather.

ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series

ADA portable trailers for sale

For those interested in prioritizing accessibility during the extreme weather months, this is a great choice for you. Equipped with a CA ADA-compliant suite plus two additional standard suites, it ensures all who need access to the restroom have it. 

4 Station Mariner Series

private portable trailers for sale

For a line of portable trailers for sale that is known for pleasing a wide variety of industries, we recommend the Mariner Series. Favored by event professionals, office managers, and arena coordinators alike, it is a great option for those who see a diverse crowd. This 4 station is perfect for medium venues, servicing up to 350 guests with ease.

5 Station Luxury Series

luxury portable trailers for sale

This portable restroom trailer is made to match the ambiance of your high-end gatherings and events.. Designed with thought and equipped with the 4 season package, it will be a hit when used at upscale events, worksites, conferences, and more. 

12 Station Maritime Pro Series

large restrooms

If you anticipate large crowds and need a restroom option that doesn’t sacrifice elegant design for efficiency, the 12 Station Maritime Pro is a great fit for you. This is one of our restroom trailers favored by managers with important VIPs or high-end guests. Maintain the ambiance of your venue in the restroom with this option, even when the temperature drops to -20 degrees!

Ready to Purchase?

If you think one of these portable trailers for sale is a great fit for you, especially for those needing 4 season packages, begin your order process today! Feel free to contact us if you have a few final questions, or request a quote if you’re ready to go.

We encourage you to browse our full inventory of available restroom trailers. While the options listed above have the 4 season package included, all of our trailers come with the ability to add this feature. Let us customize the perfect restroom for you!