Each year, our goal is to improve our restroom trailers little by little. Whether it’s upgraded interior design or new equipment like updated sinks and toilets, making these small improvements work together to make our product better as a whole. We want our restroom trailers to impress all users and guests, and it all starts with manufacturing.

We partner with a number of manufacturers, all highly regarded in the restroom trailers industry. In order for these manufacturers to catch our eye, they must showcase top-of-the-line craftsmanship. We’re talking design that our customers could not even imagine before seeing these units. Most are shocked to see the high quality that can come in one of our restroom trailers.

Satellite Restroom Trailers is one of those brands. A leader in the trailer manufacturing industry, we are amping up our partnership with them and showcasing more and more of their trailers designed specifically to our and our customers’ needs. Get to know the brand and see why your restroom trailers purchase should be Satellite.

The Satellite Brand

Over 50 years in the making, Satellite Restroom Trailers has a history that doesn’t need much introduction. Their experience in the field has made them one of the most renowned names in the industry, and their designs never fail to impress our customers. Here’s a little background from the company:

“Designing and manufacturing a line of restroom trailers has been an exciting process at Satellite.  It was, and continues to be, an opportunity to use the combined experience and knowledge of our portable sanitation and trailer divisions to produce a product worthy of the investment.

Satellite began as a portable restroom rental and service company in 1958 and manufactured its own portable restrooms, deodorizers and vacuum trucks.  Producing quality products was critical to the survival and eventual success of the company and it is with this same attitude that Satellite Suites was born.

The launch of Satellite Suites restroom trailers in 2014 was a high-point in the history of Satellite.  The many years of advancing portable sanitation with innovation and excellence were evident in the very first trailers.

The many advantages of a Satellite Suites trailer can only be appreciated by comparing our models with the competition – item by item, feature by feature.   It is in the details where the quality of a Satellite Suites restroom trailer can be fully seen and appreciated.”

Get to Know Satellite Restroom Trailers

With their extensive background and experience, you can bet that purchasing one of these restroom trailers will get you some serious ban for your buck. We recommend these designs for those who have upscale guests. Event attendees, high-level executives, conference goers, and others who expect a certain level of elegance.

A complaint we’ve heard over and over about porta potties and low-quality restroom trailers is that the ugly truth unveils itself and the smell is simply unattractive, no matter how nicely the portable trailer may be designed.

One of the key features of a Satellite Restroom Trailer is the polyethylene waste tank.  For a variety of reasons, this material is superior to others when comparing ease-of-cleaning, upkeep and longevity.  In fact, the design of the waste tank has the proven advantage of reducing odors, especially when combined with the use of biodegradable deodorizers developed by the company.

In addition to the specially-designed waste tank, Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers, manufactured by Satellite, are complex formulas containing biocides and enzymes specifically suited for this industry and in this case, restroom trailers.  This is where the experience Satellite gained over the years is invaluable to a suites customer.

Asiude from all of these necessary features, Satellite goes all out on design. These restroom trailers are impeccably created with designer sinks, ambient lighting, high-end flushable toilets, gorgeous wooden finishes, and more. It’s hard to believe that these models are portable restrooms!

Additional innovations include using materials such as aluminum framing, composite sub-layers, and seamless outer layers to prevent costly moisture issues. They also include features like a polyethylene tank to reduce odors. Satellite’s restroom trailers incorporate common sense features and unique durability that insures a solid return on your investment.

Get Your Satellite Trailer

Now that you’ve learned all about the value of Satellite restroom trailers, consider purchasing one for your business. Here are just a few that we have in our inventory. Check them out!