When our CEO first started this business, her goal was to design unique restroom trailers that satisfied a wide variety of needs. She was looking to disrupt the industry by not just supplying a basic toilet and sink, but going the extra mile with design, added amenities, and everything you might find in a brick-and-mortar restroom option, only portable. 

To date, we have seen so many creative restroom trailers come from our manufacturers, and that’s part of the fun when it comes to working with our clients. We are always pleasantly surprised when someone approaches us with an idea that we would have never dreamed up ourselves, and others in the industry say the same. Custom orders help us expand our inventory and put an item on our books that checks off yet another unique need. From showers to break rooms to locker rooms, we are changing the game in the restroom trailers industry thanks to our innovative clients and partners.

One such combination that hadn’t crossed many minds was the laundry trailer. This portable restroom option has been a saving grace for those in the catering industry, campsites, sporting complexes, and so much more. We took this trailer and made it a combo, and the Shower/ Laundry/ Restroom Trailers Combo line was born. Learn more about it and how some businesses have used it to raise their productivity, provide for guests, and so much more.


This is one of our most complex restroom trailers to date, so let’s take some time to break it down. Within, you have three key elements that satisfy very different needs for the visitor. Let’s use the 2 Station Shower/ Laundry/ Restroom Trailer Combo as our example (now on sale!)

Like all of our restroom trailers, you’ll find this one designed with a tough, dent and scratch resistant exterior and equipped with aluminum steps and railing for easy access. Abundant lighting is installed at each entrance for safe entry no matter what time, day or night. The trailer is equipped with two unisex restroom suites with separate entrances, each including a flushable toilet, shower stall, and handwashing sink. Non-slip vinyl floors are installed throughout the trailer to ensure safety while in use.

Next to the unisex restroom suites and with its own entrance, you’ll find the laundry suite. This section includes a Samsung washer and dryer and is also equipped with non-slip vinyl flooring to ensure safety while this suite is in use. Our restroom trailers always come equipped with insulated walls and ceiling to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, and air conditioning and heat strips assist with keeping the climate comfortable. 

Overall, this is one of our restroom trailers that is versatile and efficient, providing clients with the amenities they need while not compromising the elegance and style of their venue. 


Because of its multi-use value, Shower/ Laundry/ Restroom Trailers have many fans who enjoy renting and purchasing this option. Industries include

  • Campsites: a perfect solution for short-term and long-term guests who don’t quite want to give up all of the amenities of home while experiencing nature
  • Catering companies: a quick and accessible way to clean linens and provide staff with full restroom relief after a long shift
  • Disaster relief: when families have lost everything due to a natural disaster, having access to a humane restroom option and the opportunity to clean what little they have left can be a small blessing
  • Resorts: resort venues can be large. Help cleaning staff be more proficient with nearby restrooms and laundry options

Tell us about your needs! The Shower/ Laundry/ Restroom Combo may be an ideal fit for you. Begin the process by requesting a quote, or contact us to get more information.