Home monitoring systems are installed by homeowners to protect and monitor their home when they are out of the house. Mobile Monitoring Systems for portable restroom rentals serve a similar purpose. This amazing innovation is currently offered by only one manufacturer in the United States, and where possible, all Portable Restroom Trailers manufactured moving forward will have this technology.
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Some benefits include:

Waste Tank Monitoring
The schedule of when to empty waste tanks can widely vary depending on number of guests, frequency of use, etc. Unless your portable restroom trailer is equipped with a Mobile Monitoring System, the only way to know if the waste tank requires service is to check it on a regular basis. With the Mobile Monitoring System, You can remotely monitor the level of your trailer’s waste tank and instantly know when it is time to pump the unit.
Freshwater Monitoring

If your portable restroom fleet is scattered across a geographical area, making the rounds to check water levels can be time consuming. The Mobile Monitoring System offers visibility of all your units’ water levels remotely, giving you more time to focus on growing your business, and peace of mind.
Temperature Monitoring

With a home monitoring system, you are able to track the temperature of your home to prevent freezing pipes while you’re away. With a Mobile Monitoring System for your portable restroom trailer, you receive information about the internal temperature of the trailer. This helps ensure there’s no risk of freezing pipes and your guests are comfortable. Checking this virtually prevents excessive visits to the site to adjust the temperature.
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.18.44 PM.pngGPS Tracking
Keeping track of your portable restroom rentals fleet can be a challenge.  With GPS Tracking, you will always know where each unit is located in real time. The Map view allows you to view your entire fleet at once. With the Geographic Zones feature (geozones), receive alerts if any of your portable restroom fleet enters or exits the preset geozone. Also, the Mobile Monitoring System can help you predict and schedule logistics of your units and when a unit/s will arrive.
Disable Power
If there is an issue with the portable restroom trailer, remote access provides the ability to disable the power using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Should an emergency arise, the ability to disable the power remotely can prevent a situation from escalating into a bigger problem.
Battery Monitoring
Some electrical systems in portable restroom trailers are powered by batteries. Their failure could cause issues for restroom users. With the Mobile Monitoring System, battery levels are monitored and you will be notified to replace them before they have a chance to stop functioning.
Shore Power Monitoring
When your portable restroom trailer is on site, it is hooked up to electrical systems. In the case of high winds, storms or other issues, power supplies may need to be disabled. The Mobile Monitoring System alerts you if this happens. You can switch to back up power generators or temporarily restrict power access to the portable restroom trailer.
This revolutionary technology will change the portable restroom rentals industry.  With the features listed above, and many others, you will know where your trailer is, its’ waste tank levels, water levels, temperature status, battery power levels, and more. Stay tuned for more updates as Portable Restroom Trailers includes the Mobile Monitoring System in our inventory, available for your needs.