‘Tis the season for shopping!
According to ShopperTrak, this week will be the highest sales volume week of the year, culminating with Saturday, aka “Super Saturday”, being among the five busiest shopping days of the season. With all these shoppers stopping every now and then to grab a drink or bite to eat, you’re sure to stumble upon a line at the restroom. And we all know that a long restroom line means a dirty and messy bathroom experience. So, here are some tips to stay clean and healthy during your holiday shopping expedition:
1. Carry sanitizer in your bag. Use it every time you think of it, especially before and after entering the restroom.
2. Use the toilet covers that are provided. If there aren’t any, use toilet paper to cover the seat before sitting. (If all else fails, squat!)
3. Flush the toilet with your foot to avoid touching the germs on the handle.
4. Use plenty of soap, lather well, and rub vigorously for about 20 seconds before rinsing, advises the Mayo Clinic.
5. Use a towel to turn off the faucet, unless it turns off automatically.
6. Dry your hands completely with an air dryer or paper towel. Hopefully they are automatic so that you don’t have to touch them with clean hands.
7. Try not to touch the door on the way out. If you do, grab that handy little sanitizer that you put in your bag.
If you’re going out to battle the masses this weekend, stay safe and we wish you the best in finding that “perfect gift”.