Learn How You Can Provide Relief in Times of Need with Portable Restrooms for Rent!
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Extreme weather events are becoming more and more common and with that the potential of damaged property and loss of our most basic and essential services.  Many individuals lose so much in the wake of a disaster and even after the damage is done, must continue to endure hardship by being forced to stay in public shelters, living off donations, and utilizing portable restrooms and shower facilities brought in from relief efforts. From Tropical Storm Bill bringing widespread flooding to Texas or wildfires burning out of control in California, Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC has helped play a vital role by providing those who’ve lost the most with the privacy, comfort, and dignity they so much deserve.
Every disaster is different and the relief efforts are unique to each situation; flexibility is the key to ensuring the specific needs of each community and every individual are being addressed.  Relief organizations like The Salvation Army  know they can upon PRT to provide fast, reliable, and most importantly mobile solutions to help keep those affected clean, comfortable, and safe in times of distress.  PRT offers a wide-range of portable restrooms for rent as well as shower and laundry only trailers in order to meet those most important basic needs.  Units like our Commercial Grade Combination Shower-Portable Restrooms for Rent  features single restroom stalls equipped with flushable china toilet and lockable doors, private shower stalls and bank of lockers designed to conserve precious resources and provide safe, sanitized mobile restroom solutions to a large number of individuals. In addition, PRT can also assist the relief organizations themselves with deployable decontamination units that can provide added resources when needed to an already established emergency response plan.
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Although you can’t always predict what severe weather will do, you can certainly be prepared if and when disaster strikes. Call us today at 1-888-998-7443 for even more information about how we can provide your emergency response relief efforts with clean, reliable mobile facilities, or Request a Quote to see how we can help!