After 7 years in business, several restroom conventions, and trips to manufacturing plants, Portable Restroom Trailers has become very involved in the restroom operator community. One of the things we enjoy most is the ability to give back by helping new businesses enter the industry.
If you’ve thought about starting your own business or adding portable restrooms to your existing products or services, PRT is here to help. We’ve already had the privilege of helping Seven Hills Events get their restroom trailer business started this summer.
AA-Portable-restrooms-trailer-3-station-comfort-series1Here are a few lessons new businesses can learn from Seven Hills Events and our own experiences:
“As a startup company, we benefited from establishing B2B relationships first instead of directly marketing to individual clients.”

  • There is great value in building a strong network of business relationships to help start your company. Because of Seven Hills’ relationship with us, we are able to work with them to help rent or sell their restroom trailers. They have also partnered with tent companies and other event planners to help bring in more clients.

“This is a seasonal business, and I recommend new companies start in the late fall or early winter to build a stronger book of summer business.”

  • Seven Hills Events is focusing their business on weddings. This means that their spring and summer will be much busier. Starting your business in the off-season gives you a chance to build your business connections and grow a base of new customers.

Focus on quality…

  • Like Portable Restroom Trailers, Seven Hills rents out high quality restroom trailers. Their trailers have china sinks and toilets, nice soaps, and a seating area to provide an upscale experience. Moving away from port-a-potties is a great way to stand out and deliver excellent value to your customers.

PRT is on a mission to encourage other companies to take on rental trailers to replace port-a-potties and change the experience everywhere. We have helped 5 other businesses get started in the restroom trailer industry and look forward to helping many more.
If you have any questions about portable restrooms feel free to reach out to us!