Companies that work with industrial coatings handle dangerous chemicals every day.  They routinely handle the abatement of outdated chemicals in paint, insulation, sealants, and more.  And they oversee the application of new treatments from the cutting edge of industrial chemistry.  At the end of the day, the companies that maintain America’s infrastructure and industry rely on PRT to provide a state-of-the-art decon trailer that will keep their employees safe and healthy – job after job.
Decon Trailer
The security procedures around an industrial coating project are staggering.  These projects have very little margin for error, as some of the materials they handle can pose an immediate risk to the working crew – and they can pose an ongoing risk for the employees who work in the factories and plants every day.
Whether a crew is preparing a new surface, applying a new coating, or abating an old coating or insulation; these projects have tight controls on all aspects of the working environment.  There are powerful dust suppression systems, huge temporary enclosures, and complex air and liquid control systems.  And for the men and women who do the dirty work, there is a tightly controlled decon trailer so that when they return to their families at the end of the day - they’re just as clean as they were when they left home.

How a Decon Trailer Works

Most of us only know about decontamination trailers because we’ve seen them in the movies when scientists are fighting a contagious disease or greeting alien visitors from other planets.  But many people walk through a decon trailer every day as a normal part of their jobs.  You walk in one side of the trailer, contaminated with some hazardous material.  When you walk out the other side of the trailer, your hair, skin and clothing are decontaminated and squeaky clean.
PRT’s popular 24-foot environmental decontamination trailer is split into three self-contained partitions.  First is the dirty room, where workers can undress and deposit all contaminated items into a hygienic enclosure.  Next is the shower room, which can accommodate up to four people in private stalls.  Last is the clean room, which has 12 private lockers and a common changing area.  Each separate area is divided from the others by vinyl airlock curtains and independent filtration systems.

The Benefits of our Industry Standard Decon Trailer

PRT uses the industry’s leading manufacturer of containment equipment to make sure we provide the very best in safety, hygiene, and comfort.  We use negative air filtration to capture airborne contaminants, and we equip every decon trailer with lead and asbestos filtration to make sure that those particles don’t escape into the local atmosphere.
Water in to the showers and laundry equipment is heated by an onboard on-demand hot water heater.  Water out is completely filtered so that it can be returned as sewage or sent to the environment without concern.
And your workers will love our climate control capabilities – whether they’re working in icy winter conditions or sweating through the summer heat.  A 13,500-BTU air conditioner and a 5,600-BTU integrated heat strip system keep the trailer welcoming and comfortable all year round.

Finding the Best Decontamination Shower Trailer for You

There is a chance that your local equipment rental business has decontamination shower trailers for rent, but these are somewhat of a specialty unit, so there’s also a chance that your local resource doesn’t carry them.  If you need to rent a decon trailer, PRT can accommodate you with a long-term rental agreement to fit your schedule and budget.
If you need a decontamination trailer for regular use, contact PRT’s customer satisfaction department today at (877) 600-8645.  We have always have a good selection of new and used inventory.  And with our diverse range of financing options, we can help you find the perfect decon trailer for your unique application.