Rent a Portable Restroom for Summer Staff

rent a portable restroom for staff
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Rent a Portable Restroom for Summer Staff

The arrival of summer means business is about to pick up big time. Farms hire hands to help with summer maintenance and harvest, specialty stores will bring on temporary staff to aid with a higher volume of customers and sales, and home and garden stores tend to get busier as well. Businesses can rent a portable restroom to support the active season ahead.

As each of these industries prepares for peak season and hires the extra staff they’ll inevitably need to keep up, it’s important that they ensure the same level of employee care and quality is felt for those who work temporarily and full-time. Temporary staff should not have to deal with sup-par workstations or treatment, and full-timers should not have to sacrifice any aspect of their typical work experience. One contributor to maintaining a comfortable workplace for all is supplying elegant, accessible restrooms with portable bathroom rentals.

We understand that given your year-round staff don’t usually need the additional bathroom space, investing in a brick-and-mortar restroom option is not sensible. Despite this, a solution for seasonal staff is necessary. This solution should have all the amenities of a regular bathroom, ensuring indoor temperatures are comfortable, providing access to proper handwashing stations, and having the ambiance of a regular restroom that provides users with a positive experience.

Our job is to design portable restrooms that satisfy your need to temporarily expand your restroom in an elegant, efficient, and manageable way. Below, we recommend four unique options that allow businesses to rent a portable restroom that provides extra needed amenities. Browse below, then explore our full collection of portable restrooms for rent here

rent a portable restroom luxury

3 Station Luxury Series

For businesses that value luxury and elegance for customers and staff alike, rent a portable restroom like the 3 Station Luxury Series. This trailer acts as a perfect addition to a medium-sized restroom that needs a few more stations for accessibility when your staff needs it. In comparison to our other portable restrooms, the Luxury series is valued for its careful and thoughtful design, making it ideal for executive staff, venue caterers, event staff, and more. 

4 Station Shower/ Restroom Combo

It’s officially HOT outside, and some jobs need to provide that place to cool down after a long work day. Health concerns like dehydration and heat stroke are serious, and it is a priority for industries like construction, street cleaning, maintenance, and more to make sure employees stay cool and healthy. When you rent a portable restroom like the 4 Station Restroom/ Shower Combo, it allows workers to rinse off after a hot day, cooling down their bodies and letting them leave work feeling fresh. These also work great for pools and beaches with lifeguards. 

 ADA +4 Station Oahu Series

Accessibility is more important than ever, and many companies make it a priority to provide an ADA-compliant restroom option. We have taken the time to design portable restrooms that are compliant in all 50 states and are elegant enough to fit in at offices, formal events, and other upscale locations. This ADA +4 Station Oahu Series ensures that all who need access to the restroom have it and won’t have to sacrifice experience when using this portable option.

4 Station Shower/ Restroom/ Locker Room Combo

Companies that often send employees to an offsite workstation value this 4 Station Combo. This unit is an entire locker room on wheels that acts as an air-conditioned place for staff to take their brakes, cool off, shower after the job is done, and relieve themselves when needed. The lockers allow them to safely store their items while on the job, and there’s enough privacy to change into fresh work clothes while on the job as well. This is one of our most coveted and versatile portable restrooms for rent, capable of keeping your hard-working staff comfortable all day long. 

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