Rent a Restroom Trailer to Support Visiting Tourists

rent a restroom trailer for travelers
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Rent a Restroom Trailer to Support Visiting Tourists

As signs of spring start to subtly bloom, many of us are getting ready to travel! Tourism fuels such major pieces of our economy, and we are so excited to use our inventory to support cities as they welcome visitors. You can rent a restroom trailer to support local parks, museums, public spaces, and more.

One of the most important parts of your venue is the restroom - it’s a necessary part of every person’s day. As a business owner, it makes sense to prioritize making the bathroom a pleasant and accessible experience for visitors. Below, we outline our currently available restroom trailer rentals that are great fits for businesses in the tourism industry. Take a look and prepare to rent a restroom trailer to support the upcoming season of travel in 2023. 

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Public Spaces

Does your city have those great spaces where people love to gather and hang out? Maybe a waterfront or wharf with great views, a giant chess board that brings tourists and locals together, or a weekly farmers market filled with farm-to-fork foods? People love public spaces like these, and it’s important to provide a restroom option for those who visit. We recommend you rent a restroom trailer like the well-designed yet durable 10 Station Classic Series, a unit that can handle high volumes of visitation with ease.


Everyone loves events, and we are so glad they are back and better than ever! For your city’s upcoming concerts, pop-up shops, markets, and more, we recommend the larger 12 Station Tradewinds Series. Its ability to handle those extra large crowds will ensure your event operations run smoothly.


Hotels offer visitors a place to call home while on the go. The hospitality industry does a great job of creating spaces that excite travelers while also making them feel comfortable. When recommending restroom trailers to hotels, we know we need to prioritize interior design and ambiance. A great match for an upscale environment is the ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series.


Every destination has that centrally located park that locals and tourists alike love to visit. They are usually well kept, have fun secret things to discover throughout, and offer a location for people to relax, gather, eat, and enjoy a little nature. It is crucial that parks have accessible restrooms, but sometimes the cost of a brick-and-mortar option is too high. ADA restroom trailers offer a solution, and for parks, we recommend the 10 Station Calypso Plus Series, a restroom durable to handle park visitors of all ages.

Browse our full collection of restroom trailers and contact us to rent a restroom trailer for your tourist destination!


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