The COVID-19 pandemic brought about change like many of us have never seen before. Our favorite restaurants closed their doors and had to depend on deliveries for business, online shopping has become the new norm as retail closed its doors, and the events we love to attend every year have been postponed for the year. Throughout this change, we have been proud to support essential businesses with rental portable toilets, and as other businesses open back up, we are happy to be here to support them as well. 

While shelter-in-place is coming to an end, we must remember that the pandemic itself is far from over. We must now think about safe socializing, prioritizing washed hands, and ensuring that any sign of symptoms means staying at home. That being said, it is exciting to see so many of our partners and clients get back to business again! It’s time for every company to think about ways to continue spreading the message of social distancing while making money. 

With the need for regular handwashing, trips to the bathroom are going to be a little more frequent than before. As a business owner or manager, you’ll want to let your clients know that you care about their health and safety. Rental portable toilets can help you do that. 

Providing additional restrooms means that guests are allowed the space needed to relieve themselves, wash hands, and refresh while still respecting 6 feet of personal space. As your business opens back up, we recommend taking this additional step to support positive customer care. See what types of reopening businesses can benefit from rental portable toilets and begin your rental process today!


rental portable toilets in salons

Stylists, get ready to be in high demand! Roots need retouching, long locks need trimming, and the mani-pedi deluxe will be your hottest item on the menu. Many salons already operate in small spaces, so as you plan to practice social distancing, adding a small additional restroom like our 2 Station Affordable Advantage rental portable toilets can make all the difference in making clients feel comfortable.

Department Stores

department store rental portable toilets

People are also ready to shop without having to look at their phones or computers. It’s time to restock the summer wardrobe, add color to interior design decor, complete DIY home projects and more. As customers flood your doors, make sure they don’t end up crammed in your brick-and-mortar restroom. A medium-sized restroom rental like the 5 Station Calypso Series will ensure social distancing practices can continue. 

Rental Portable Toilets in Parks

Parks are becoming the safest way to gather during a pandemic. The outside air can help to lessen the spread of many viruses that are even more contagious when kept in smaller spaces. For city and parks managers, it is top priority to allow visitors to continue to keep their distance when using any form of public property, and it’s simply difficult to stay six feet away when in a restroom. Providing additional bathroom options with rental portable toilets ensures the small space doesn’t get crowded. We suggest the 8 Station Classic Series, a spacious portable restroom option that allows all to keep their distance. 


rental portable toilets support restaurants

Many people are so ready to frequent their favorite local restaurants again. The ambiance of a restaurant’s interior really makes it a full experience - takeout is fun, but just not the same. As restaurant owners and managers prepare for the return of their regulars, they must also remain cautious about spreading disease. With an additional restroom like the 9 Station Convertible, restaurants can provide rental portable toilets that are fully adaptable to day-to-day needs and the space needed to remain socially distanced. 


reopening with rental portable toilets

It doesn’t matter what you’re shopping for - spending an afternoon wandering down the walkways of a mall window shopping is simply a fun way to kill time. It’s a perfect way to find gifts for friends and family, a new outfit for work, and event decor and appliances around the house. Now that malls are opening back up, this typically crowded venue must find ways to keep shoppers safe. The ADA+ 10 Station Oahu Series is a large and inclusive option perfect for any shopper with an ADA-compliant suite that doubles well as a family suite. 

Get Your Rental Portable Toilets

convertible restroom trailers

Opening businesses should continue to find solutions that will keep their clients and guests safe. Using our rental portable toilets is just one solution of many, ensuring that we all do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 despite an open economy. Take time to browse more of our rental portable toilet options here.

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