The summer months are always filled with a variety of unique events. From a 5K run filled with colorful paint to a banana festival in the park, those in the event business continue to surprise us with their creativity, originality, and knack for creating experiential memories that will last a lifetime. We shared a little piece of the experiential experience with a luxury restroom rental.
Michael Angelos Events are no different. Specializing in a wide variety of events, they know how to manage a large crowd and engage them in ways visitors never thought possible. One unique event that this company produces is the Oakwood Resort Wooden Boat Show. This event showcases a collection of very unique vehicles that bring up feelings of nostalgia, surprise, and fascination across a wide demographic of visitors.
Michael Angelo's knew that their crowd expected a certain level of sophistication, so when planning the logistics of the event, they wanted to provide a restroom rental that would fall in line with the same level of elegance as the rest of the event. They came to us, and we knew we could help.


Wawasee Wooden Boats is a community of boat owners who reside near Syracuse Lake in Indiana. This unique group of boaters specializes in the reviving and upkeep of wooden boats that were made and popular during the 1920s-1960s. Boat owners enjoy a series of events throughout the year, including lake races, rallies, parades, and more.
Every summer, they host the Boat Show, which is designed specifically to showcase the hard work that goes into preserving and maintaining these boats. This event draws hundreds of spectators across generations who come out to walk around, eat, and explore the many different boats. Those who have boats in the water also participate in a race, showing off the speed and agility of their boats. This race always raises funds for charitable purposes.
Over the course of the day, spectators enjoy food, drinks, on shore displays, and in-water displays. The speed race is a highlight of the event, and if guests absolutely love what they see, they can visit again and watch the weekly races held all summer at the lake. Overall, this is an event where unforgettable memories are created, vintage relics from the past are made to show off on the water despite their older make and model, and friends and family gather to appreciate the passion of boating.
As the event continued to grow, it was handed to Michael Angelos events for production, and right away, the company saw that if this event were to continue to thrive, it would need a couple of upgrades in luxury. From food to seating, Michael Angelos wanted every detail to have a certain level of sophistication. They saw a need for a restroom rental solution that didn’t include port-a-potties, and they came to us to examine some options.


With a crowd of baby boomers, their older parents, and children, the event planners wanted a restroom experience that was upscale, comfortable, and elegant. They knew that their demographic would not be happy with traditional port-a-potties but needed an alternate restroom rental option.
After hearing exactly what kind of restroom rental they’d need, we were quick to suggest the 10 Station Portable Restroom Trailer Rental, Coastal Series. This unit is built for high volume use with a 200 gallon fresh water tank and 865 gallon waste tank. The spacious suites allow for plenty of in and out room for guests of all shapes and sizes.

The Coastal series restroom rental features a two tone grey design and includes all of the amenities of a home bathroom. In the women’s suite, you’ll find five stalls with privacy walls, a double sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and ample lighting. The men’s suite also features a similar double sink vanity and mirror, with three stalls and two standard urinals equipped with privacy walls.
To ensure safe access to the unit, no matter what time of day or night, this restroom rental is equipped with aluminum stairs and railing and has ample porch lighting. The exterior is clean and sturdy, reinforced with materials that deters dents and scratches.
The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature no matter what outside weather may be like. These strips can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the unit when necessary, ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience.
The final feature of this luxury restroom trailer is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app allows unit managers to operate the unit remotely on a phone, tablet or laptop. The app allows for access to system operations like temperature, waste and fresh water tank levels, and more.
This restroom rental complimented the overarching goal of Michael Angelos Events: create an elevated event experience that gives guests an upscale quality, no matter where they go. We have partnered with them on this event for the second year in a row and can’t wait to see what they do next!
So far, the event company has another event that they’ve invited us to help with. This restroom rental needed to be a little different compared the the Coastal Series. They were hosting a private event with a smaller, more luxury-minded crowd. Despite the huge difference in demographics, we were able to supply the 3 Station Beach Portable Restroom Portable Restroom Trailer. The three unisex suites have a more sophisticated interior design scheme, added privacy, and is more suited for less use.
Overall, we are always proud to help our repeat clients with a wide range of portable restroom trailer projects. Share your upcoming events and workplace needs with us - we are happy to help you find the perfect restroom rental solution!