As our fellow Americans on the east coast prepare for Hurricane Florence, Portable Restroom Trailers is ready to deliver restroom rentals, shower trailers, and laundry trailers. As the industry expert in mobile disaster relief facilities, we have the largest inventory ready for distribution to the Southeast Region.


Restroom RentalsPortable Restroom Trailers is an Industry leader in portable disaster relief facilities. We have assisted schools, municipalities, military facilities, and corporate locations in the last 10 years in disastrous storms, such as, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Harvey. With the experience and breath of inventory of restroom rentals, shower trailers, and laundry trailers, we deliver the perfect unit quickly to help with cleanup and rebuilding efforts.
The most obvious solution PRT can provide is clean, sanitary restroom facilities.  Our commercial trailers are built to withstand intensive use and high foot traffic, making them a perfect fit for a disaster response effort.  But this is only one of the critical services that PRT offers.
In the wake of a major storm surge, the flood water that is left behind can be rife with bacteria and other germs – posing a serious health risk for anyone in the area.  Our mobile shower trailers provide a way for those onsite to keep themselves clean and healthy while they work to repair the damage left behind by major storms.  In the worst scenarios, our decontamination trailers offer a controlled environment where responders can sanitize their bodies and equipment after exposure to hazardous materials and germs.
Our commercial grade laundry trailers help keep first responders clean, comfortable, and sanitary with up to fourteen stacking washer/dryer combination units.  These trailers include folding tables and oversized utility sinks – everything you would expect to find at a traditional laundromat.


At the time of this writing, Florence is expected to hit the Carolina coast Thursday night as a Category 4 hurricane.  She has the potential to produce winds up to 145 miles per hour, with storm surges up to twelve feet.  Areas near the eye of the storm may receive up to thirty-five inches of rain, and power outages are likely throughout the coast of the Carolina's.
Like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Florence is predicted to stall over the coast of the Carolina's, dumping 30+ inches of rainfall in just a few days. We are prepared to support this area with necessary facilities after the storm subsides.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people who live and work on the Carolina coast.  We hope that everyone in the area is able to finish their preparations and find safe harbor before the storm hits.  We will be waiting nearby to move in with our response equipment as soon as the storm clears.
For Disaster Relief Restroom Rentals call us at 1- 877-600-8645. Thanks!