The annual holiday season is a boom time for shipping companies.  Every shipping company experiences a seasonal uptick at this time of year – so much so that many companies require large numbers of additional staff, along with temporary office space and restroom rentals to accommodate them all.
We recently provided some high-capacity restroom rentals to a Chicago company that has made itself a premier player in the modern shipping industry – not by driving trucks, but rather by driving the technology surrounding shipping forward.
However, like any other big Restroom Rentals for the Next Generation of Shipping Servicesshipping company – they still have a huge seasonal surge during the holiday gifting season.  They bring in large numbers of seasonal staff during this busy season.  And we’re proud to say that this year, PRT luxury restroom rentals became a key part of their ongoing success.

An Original Leader in Modern Shipping Technology

When you think of a traditional shipping company – the image you conjure up probably includes 18-wheelers, flat-bed railroad cars, planes, and delivery vans.  And while all of these elements are still an important part of the shipping industry in 2018, you might be surprised to see just how much progress has been made in the area of high-tech supply chain management.
Our new client got their start in 1988, when they set out as a small group to develop a modern new approach to the age-old problems of shipping and supply chain management.  Over the years since that time, they have experienced tremendous growth – becoming a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and expanding to include three separate divisions.
One thing that never changed is their dedication to providing best-in-class service for their customers; while also providing a best-in-class working environment for their employees.  Since its inception, the company has been owned by its managers and managed by its owners.  It remains that way today, and the company’s track record over the past three decades is proof that this is a winning formula.

The Face of Today’s High-Tech Supply Chain Management

One division of our new client’s business is dedicated to outsourced managed transportation services – and it is this line of work that led them to contact us about seasonal restroom rentals.  They provide a single source solution for companies that want to outsource all aspects of their supply chain and/or distribution networks.  And many of their clients experience increased demand during the holiday gifting season.
Another division of their company is dedicated to transportation management software.  They offer hosted or cloud-based logistical management solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics framework.  Their solutions can be purchased as packaged products, or tailored for special applications using a software-as-a-service business model.
The third division of their company conducts independent supply chain network optimization studies.  This niche gives the entire company a unique and valuable perspective of the industry-wide state of affairs in today’s fast-paced world of supply chain management.  And it provides the perfect vantage point from which to develop custom software and service offerings to maximize productivity and efficiency for their clients.

Accommodating Seasonal Employees with High-Capacity Restroom Rentals

Handling the seasonal uptick in shipping for a single company is one thing.  But when you are responsible for the shipping needs of hundreds of different companies – well, that’s a whole different level of complication and coordination.  But that’s just what our client deals with every year when the holiday season rolls around.
They manage a highly-optimized distribution network in the greater Chicago metropolitan region, and the number of people required to make it work seamlessly climbs steeply as the volume of shipping peaks during the holiday season.
Managing this process entails an astonishing level of attention to detail, with massive efforts to handle hiring, equipment acquisition, and employee accommodations.  They need to provide working space for all their seasonal hires – and, of course, they need to provide comfortable and sanitary high-capacity restroom rentals.  That’s where PRT comes in, and we found the perfect solution to meet their needs.

Restroom Rentals for High-Capacity, High-Traffic Applications

After listening to our client’s estimates for capacity, traffic, and scheduling requirements, we recommended a 10-station unit from our Coastal Series.  The spacious floorplan features a dedicated women’s suite with 5 stalls with floor-to-ceiling privacy walls.  Within each locking stall is a full-size, fully-functional flushing china toilet.  The men’s suite features 2 privacy stalls and 3 wall-mounted china urinals with privacy dividers.

In the common area of both suites, a beautiful designer Corian-style countertop sits atop a wall-to-wall locking vanity.  An in-counter sink features a metered automatic faucet.  Both vanities include a framed shatterproof glass mirror, a paper towel dispenser, a liquid soap dispenser, and an in-counter wastebasket.
The entire unit is ducted for climate control, with built-in air returns, a roof-mounted air-conditioner, and integrated heat strips throughout both suites.  Internal temperature in both suites is regulated with a simple wall-mounted thermostat.

Find the Perfect Restroom Rentals Solution for Your Business’s Unique Needs

We were thrilled when we learned how pleased our new Chicago client is with this high-traffic, high-capacity luxury restroom rental solution.  They decided to extend their rental contract for an extended period – making them the latest addition to our long list of repeat customers.
If your business is looking for luxury restroom rentals for a unique application, get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our trained representatives will guide you through our extensive selection of new and used luxury restroom rentals.  We have a wide range of flexible financing options available, and we would love to help you find the perfect solution for your restroom rental needs.