The United States Borer Patrol guards 6,000 miles of land bordering Mexico and Canada, as well as 2,000 miles of coastal waters around Florida and the island of Puerto Rico. In order to be able to sufficiently protect the borders, agents must make it through extensive physical training and complete a specialized course program. This is done at one of the many Federal Law Enforcement Training Center locations.
For The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) to function smoothly and efficiently there must be enough accommodations to support everyone. In order to solve the problem, Pacific Tech Construction purchased a used 2013 6-Station Restroom Trailer with an Arctic Package from Portable Restroom Trailers. It is located on the grounds of the training center. To provide a more permanent and secure atmosphere, the restroom trailer will hook up to the sewer line. This will make maintenance easier and more convenient.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The Arctic Package is great for restroom trailers that are located in climates with freezing temperatures because it adds protection for year-round use. The winterization package provides waste tank thermal protection to keep the pipes from freezing. Some arctic packages include options like baseboard heat or hot air, heated seat covers, and in some luxury trailers, a working fireplace. In this case, however, the training facility has chosen to re-do the plumbing in the restroom trailer themselves to keep it simple and low cost. But rest assured the six private toilets of this restroom trailer will be safe, warm, and comfortable during the cold winter months.
If you are in need of a restroom trailer to use during the winter, Portable Restroom Trailers can provide you with an Arctic Package to keep your portable restrooms, guests, employees, or athletes safe and warm.