New York City is known for many things. It’s the concrete jungle where many young hopefuls go to begin their careers. It’s where theater comes to life in the biggest way possible. It’s a melting pot of culture, eclectics, and individuals enjoying all walks of life. For these reasons and more, it is a city that remains at the top of every traveler’s destination list, and our restroom trailer rentals are one small thing that helps this sitty run 24/7.

There is always something happening in NYC, morning, noon and night. Whether you’re finding an outdoor skating rink, movie screening, pop-up eatery, drive-by bar, or fundraiser for a great cause, it’s hard to find a night when the city is silent. It was shocking to see a ghost city during the early days of COVID-19, but we knew that New Yorkers would remain strong, resilient, and ready to bring the city back to life.

New York is officially opening back up, and we are pleased to see folks strolling through Central Park, enjoying socially distanced gatherings, frequenting the many small businesses, and more. Now that the city is on its way back to normal, now is a great time to explore restroom trailer rentals.

Our restroom rentals are designed for city life: easy to clean, ranging from dive bar chic to Met Gala ready, large, accessible, and affordable. Below, we have hand-picked five restroom trailer rentals that are perfect options for businesses operating in New York. Take a look, then request a quote or contact us to get yours today! 

For bars and restaurants: 8 Station Coastal Series

coastal restroom trailer rentals

Servicing up to 750 guests before maintenance is required, the 8 Station Coastal is one of our restroom trailer rentals that is popular among event professionals. The elegance of its nautical theme is the perfect balance between a casual picnic and a more formal outdoor event like a wedding. 

For pop-ups and events: 9 Station Large Luxury Series

luxury restroom trailer rentals

If you have a crowd just a little bigger than 750 and attendees that want something more upscale in design, the 9 Station Large Luxury Series is a natural fit. Perfect for black tie events and corporate needs, this unit stands out from other restroom trailer rentals due to its elegance and sophistication.

For tourists: 10 Station Comfort Series

comfort series

For venues like camp sites, temporary worksites, and long-term event series like weekly farmers markets, restroom trailer rentals like the 10 Station Comfort Series are a great choice. This unit is built for efficiency and durability, making it a better fit when looking for a restroom for the public. Servicing nearly 1000 guests, it’s ready to take on a huge crowd and is a dependable portable restroom option. 

For the constant construction: 11 Station Classic Series - Male Dominant

11 station restroom trailer rentals

We occasionally face a time when there is simply a crowd that is more one gender than the other. Instead of having a long line where a restroom is needed and an empty suite where it is not, we have designed restroom trailer rentals that are gender specific. The 11 Station Classic Series comes in a male and female dominant setting, with a nine station suite available for the larger crowd and a two station suite for the smaller crowd. These restroom trailer rentals are often used at construction sites, men’s and women’s retreats, at sporting arenas, and more. 

For fundraisers and executives: 15 Station Executive Series

Equipped to service over 1000 guests, the 15 Station Executive Series provides an upscale restroom experience. Designed with a more VIP crowd in mind, it is perfect for large corporate events and gatherings.