Restroom Trailer Rentals Upgrade Campsite Facilities

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Restroom Trailer Rentals Upgrade Campsite Facilities

With summer weather right around the corner, many of us are beginning to plan those warm weather vacations. Hard workers and families everywhere are getting excited for time off, whether that’s at the local community pool or on a destination island. A favorite for many is visiting a national park or private campsite. From night time bonfires to dipping in a pristine lake, it’s no wonder why so many people look forward to the annual camping trip, and restroom trailer rentals can improve that experience even more.

WIth social distancing practices in place for the season due to COVID-19, we predict that outdoor activities like camping will be more popular than usual. A part of the camping experience is sacrificing those everyday amenities we’ve grown so accustomed to. Electricity, sinks with hot running water, and other perks of home are simply unavailable when living deep in the heart of Mother Nature. While this can be a fun and exploratory adventure, some things are simply too precious to sacrifice.

That’s where restroom trailer rentals come in. If you are a parks or campsite manager, one huge perk that you can offer is a clean and accessible restroom option. Many campsites simply can’t afford brick-and-mortar options, so our restroom trailer rentals act as perfect solutions. Below, find four trailers that we recommend for campsite facilities, then browse the entire collection to find the ideal match for your needs!

ADA Accessible

ADA restroom trailer rentals

What is wonderful about a camping trip is that there is fun to be had for all, no matter what disabilities one may have. It is important that, as a campsite manager, you ensure that every corner of your campsite is accessible to all. That’s where ADA compliant restroom trailer rentals can make your job easier. Units like the ADA +4 Station Oahu Series provide a restroom option that is comfortable for any one who may need it. The ADA-compliant suite comes equipped with handrails and an accessible sink, and allows for 360-degree turns in a wheelchair. Rest assured that comfort and inclusion are priorities with ADA restroom trailers.

Shower Options

6 station restroom trailer rentals

The worst part about the camping experience is limited access to a hot, refreshing shower. Now, this is something you can easily provide with our collection of combo shower/restroom trailer rentals! Units like the 6 Station Combo are a perfect solution on campgrounds. You can provide your visitors with a full restroom experience that has all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar bathroom option.

Locker/ Restroom Trailer Rentals

Locker room combo rental bathroom trailers

After a dip in the lake, guests are probably itching to get a quick rinse and change into dry, comfortable clothes. Instead of being hunched over in their tents for privacy, consider providing restroom trailer rentals that do even more than providing a restroom option.

The 6 Station Shower/ Restroom/ Locker Room Combo, Oahu Series, does just that. Guests can get everything they need after a long hike, dip in the river, hard game of volleyball, or other fun camping activity, from restroom use to a fresh shower to a private, comfortable area to change and store their items safely.



Imagine heading to your favorite campsite for the week, knowing you’ll be sacrificing those everyday amenities and excited to get away and experience nature. Then, upon arrival, you discover that not only are their clean restrooms, but somewhere to do laundry! This can be a huge trip saver. With the kids jumping into the lake then running into the tent dripping wet, the dog burying his muddy bone in your sleeping bag, a bug infestation - the dirty possibilities are endless!

With our laundry/restroom trailer rentals like this 6 Station Shower/ Laundry Trailer, Oahu Series, the stress of keeping your sleeping area, clothes, linens, and more clean enough to use for an extended amount of time has been lowered. 

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