The past few weeks have been full of ups and downs for every business in America. Despite the many changes that have hit everyone, it’s encouraging to see how our country has worked together to overcome so many obstacles. In order to continue to support businesses big and small, exceptions must be made, and here at Portable Restroom Trailers we are thinking about every business and budget moving forward.

One big change we’ve recently made to accommodate every business is adding more restroom trailers to both our rentals and sales lists. Before COVID-19, we had a very specific list of trailers available for rent, and a separate list of trailers available for sale. It was not as common to find trailers on both the rental and the sale list. Now, more of our restroom trailers are available for both than ever before.

Below, take time to browse a curated list of restroom trailers that are now available as rentals AND for sale. Find the solution that works for your business needs with trailers that satisfy a variety of needs and work with a wide range of budgets. 

Once you find the trailer for you, request a quote to begin your rental or purchasing process. 

3 Station Combo Deluxe Plus

shower combo restroom trailers

This is a great option for businesses needing private, full service restrooms at their workplace. Support hard-working doctors, nurses, and those in the transportation industry with restroom trailers that allow them time to clean up and recharge. 

4 Station Decontamination Trailer

decontamination restroom trailers

This unique solution is perfect for hospitals, construction sites, and other industries that deal with toxic environments. This trailer helps you to quickly and efficiently decontaminate staff after they handle harsh materials. 

2 Station Affordable Advantage Series

affordable restroom trailers

True to its name, the Affordable Advantage restroom trailers are a budget-friendly bathroom option that don’t sacrifice quality. Get the best materials for less and support essential store visitors and staff alike with additional restrooms. 

6 Station Shower Trailer, Classic Series

A great solution for workers who are working longer shifts than usual, this portable shower trailer is a temporary or long-term option that gives every employee the shower access they need, right when they need it. 

8 Station Classic Series

If you’re looking at restroom trailers that can handle a higher volume of visitors, the 8 Station Classic Series is a great option. Use it as a restroom for shoppers and employees alike. 

9 Station Convertible

convertible restroom trailers

For businesses that need a restroom that is adaptable to their daily needs, the 9 Station Convertible is a unique solution. Change the floorplan to accommodate different volumes and users. 

10 Station Calypso Series

10 station restroon trailers

The 10 Station Calypso Series is another larger restroom trailer option for those XL venues like warehouses, department stores, and transportation rest stops. Elegantly and efficiently designed, it’s a fit at any workplace from casual to formal. 

Find these restroom trailers and more in the Available Now section on the website if you’d like to keep browsing. If you found the option that’s a fit for your business, don’t forget to request a quote now! Demand is high, and these trailers will not be available for long.

Do you have questions that need to be answered before your rental or purchase process begins? Contact us to chat about your needs and concerns.