There is something truly inspiring about starting a business in the USA. Staying true to the American dream, we have seen hundreds of companies start as small, family owned businesses, only to grow into a company that leads their industry.

We have personally had our taste of the American Dream at Portable Restroom Trailers. With a wide variety of restroom trailers for rent and for sale, we have seen significant growth over the last few years because we take pride in delivering a product that is unique, high quality, and valuable.

As we continue to see success, we look to the many companies we’ve partnered with and are proud to see their success as well. It is our goal to not only grow as a company, but to provide other companies with the tools they need to succeed.

When it comes to restroom trailers for rent or for sale, we operate as builders and providers of units on an international level. Many other restroom companies exist, but instead of seeing them as competition, we think it is our duty to help them break into the industry. We have the tools and the units they need to thrive in their area, and we are proud rent or sell to those interested in the portable restroom market.

Hawaii John’s is one of those companies, and they are currently serving the island of Waimea. Their business was ready to grow and they needed new restroom trailers, and we were happy to answer the call when they reached out.


Hawaii John’s is a restroom rental company that offers restroom trailers for construction sites. They pride themselves on offering clean, dependable units for this industry and are interested in expanding into the event business.

Those in need of restroom trailers are encouraged to browse their collection of restroom options and choose a perfect fit for their need. Hawaii John’s allows for very flexible rental options. Renters can choose a plan that works for their schedule, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

As the only provider of restroom trailers on their island, they are excited to grasp the opportunity to expand. As they build up a versatile fleet that is fit for not only construction, but also the more upscale events industry, they knew they needed quality units. That’s when they called us.


When we heard about their need for restroom trailers that were fit for events, we gave them a collection of trailers to choose from, from big to small, standard to luxury. In the end, they chose the 7 Station Portable Restroom Trailer, Key West Sunset Series. This unit was an ideal fit for their restroom need because it’s medium sized, flexible, and elegant enough to appeal to events clients.

This restroom trailers unit features a men’s and women’s suite. The women’s suite is fitted with a central powder room accented with a large two sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and a paper towel and hand dryer option. Four stalls are available for use with study privacy walls and the space to use the facilities comfortably.

The men’s suite of the portable restroom trailer is equipped with one privacy stall and two urinals. Both suites feature soft lighting, an elegant interior design, and flushable china toilets, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and upscale experience. For this trailer, ambiance is an important factor as this is a unit fit for visitors with a high caliber.

Another important feature of this portable restroom trailer is the ability to control the interior climate. Our restroom trailers always include air conditioning and heat strips to ensure that the temperature is comfortable no matter what the weather. For colder climates, the trailer also includes electric cabinet mounted heaters. We can guarantee that Snyders employees are experiencing the very best restroom experience.

This restroom solution has allowed Hawaii John’s to begin expanding their business and appealing to those vent industry clients. We were glad to provide a helping hand in their growth and look forward to partnering with other companies hoping to break into the sanitation business.


Do you have an increase in staff, a large event, or another project coming up that requires a restroom solution? We would love to speak with you! Visit our website today to browse our restroom trailers - we are happy to hear about what you’re doing and are excited about the possibility of contributing to your success.