As the summer comes to an end, kids are preparing to head back to school and start up their fall sports. Unfortunately, some schools do not provide adequate restroom facilities for their outdoor sports. School organizers should consider the health and comfort benefits of upgrading to a portable restroom trailer for their outdoor sports events.
iStock_000000849473XSmallMost schools take great pride in their sports teams. A field that students do not enjoy playing or practicing on does not convey pride. Additionally, if students do not feel comfortable they will not play their best. Less-than ideal restroom facilities often include limited privacy, foul smells, and harmful chemicals that can put students in an uncomfortable position during their sports practices and games.
For sports like soccer, football, lacrosse, and baseball portable restroom trailers can be a perfect upgrade for an older facility. Visiting teams and parents will appreciate the high quality of your fields and enjoy coming to play.
A parent of a player from Miller High School in Corpus Cristi, TX said, “The girls have to run two blocks to use a real bathroom in the school building.”
Other school events such as summer camps, band practices, and fundraisers can also benefit from a restroom trailer. School events showcase the work schools are doing with children every day. They should show the best side of the school to parents and community members. Presenting a less than sanitary restroom solution is a sure way to give people a negative impression about the school. Dazzling visitors with a clean, comfortable restroom trailer is a great way to highlight the school.
We wish everyone a great return to school and a great start to the fall sports season!