Restroom Trailers for the Military and Government

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Restroom Trailers for the Military and Government

While our restroom trailers are great for weddings, sporting events and concerts, we also have the privilege of aiding higher needs; emergency response and other government uses. Our restroom trailers are built with the highest standards for even the most demanding uses.

Restroom Trailers for Military

Portable Restroom Trailers recently sent several shower trailers to the Coast Guard in Yorktown, VA. This continues a long history of supporting the needs of our government and military.

Trailers rented for government or military use have been setup for government construction sites, military exercises, temporary stations, and encampments. One of the most important uses of our trailers by the government has been in disaster relief.

Restroom Trailers for Emergency Response

iStock_000003167084SmallAfter Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Portable Restroom Trailers sent trailers to the town of Seaside Heights, NJ to aid in the hurricane relief efforts. In the past, our restroom trailers have been requested for FEMA recovery centers, emergency shelters, and other disaster relief efforts.

Our mobile restroom and shower trailers can provide disaster victims with the amenities and comfort of home after they’ve lost the privacy and comfort they so much deserve. FEMA, the Military and other emergency response organizations request our trailers because they are durable, mobile, and designed to fit in virtually any location. We are also able to provide water supply tanks and temporary power generators when they are not readily available.

Whether it is military exercises or disaster relief we are proud to support our communities, those dedicated to protecting them, and anyone facing hardship.

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