Due to COVID-19, many of us are getting stir crazy staying in our hometowns, especially those who are typically avid world travellers. Now that safe travel is permitted within the states, explorers are branching out and getting to know local areas in the United States, and there is so much to see here in our gorgeous country. One of our hidden gems is Georgia, known for its peaches but filled with so much more. We are excited to take our restroom trailers to the Peach State and serve more of their creative business owners.

While southern home cooking, family, and top notch hospitality tend to come to mind when it comes to Georgia, this state is that and much more. Home to the big city of Atlanta and the quaint and trendy Savannah, those who enjoy the city experience will enjoy all that these places have to offer. For explorers looking to get in touch with nature, the options are endless. Rivers, trails, camping, and more await the avid nature lover, and with activities like hiking, white water rafting, lounging on the beach, Georgia has you covered when it comes to the natural beauty.

With all these options to offer and more, every traveler should have Georgia on their must-see list. As we expand our business in Georgia, we are excited to get to know the many storefronts, restaurants, parks, museums, and more that make this state so vibrant. For Georgia business owners and managers, see what restroom trailers we recommend for the Peach State. 


luxury restroom trailers

There is something truly unique and special about high-end dining, and Georgia is full of elegant options. Trained chefs offer multiple-course meals that, in some surprising way, compliment each other. The restaurants that boast these 4 to 5 star ratings typically create a dining experience filled with elegance and an upscale atmosphere. For this setting, we recommend the 3 Station Luxury Series, one of our restroom trailers specifically designed for high-end experiences


Hiking and Camping

Combo restroom trailers

The worst part about the outdoor adventure experience is limited access to a hot, refreshing shower. Now, this is something you can easily provide with our collection of combo shower/ restroom trailers! Units like the 6 Station Combo are a perfect solution on campgrounds, in national parks, and more. You can provide your visitors with a full restroom experience that has all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar bathroom option. 


The 3 Station Combo, Cabo Series comes with both showers and toilets and can handle a larger crowd. Each suite includes full flush china toilet, fiberglass shower stall, corner vanity with a corner sink, self-closing faucet in the sink and shower, bench, shower curtain, and toilet-paper holders. With design in mind, this is one of our shower trailers that will impress guests at lakes and beaches, and will provide them with the option to rinse off after a day in the Georgia sun.


calypso series restroom trailers

The 10 Station Calypso Series is larger restroom trailer option for those XL venues like malls, department stores, shopping strips, and transportation pop up shopping markets. Elegantly and efficiently designed, it’s a fit at any retail space from casual to formal. 

Markets and Street Faires

8 station restroom trailers

Georgia is a place for creators, artists, and makers. This means outdoor markets that tend to run year round, and neighborhoods love visiting them no matter what weather they may face. For this, we knew larger restroom trailers would be necessary to ensure managers would not have to service the unit too often. Due to the nature of farmer’s markets, managers will see a smaller but steady flow of visitors throughout the day. A medium sized unit like the 8 Station Classic Series can handle the crowd while providing an elegant, casual restroom experience. 


If you think one of these restroom trailers is the perfect fit for your needs, request a quote to begin your rental process. Still looking? Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our sales team is here and equipped to guide you through your shopping process.