Stony Point, NY has many great locations for outdoor activities, such as the Patriot Hills Golf Course and Washington’s Lookout, not to mention plenty of parks. One park in particular, Riverfront Park, has a new fishing pier and portable restrooms. The old pier and bathrooms at the park were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.Copyright Anders Sellin
Portable Restroom Trailers was able to help out and send portable restroom units to Stony Point parks and golf courses so that guests could have a safe and comfortable place to answer nature’s call, change diapers, wash hands, or even take a second to cool off. Now residents of the waterfront community can enjoy fishing on the new pier and using the new portable restroom facilities.
Since Hurricane Sandy’s havoc on the eastern seaboard destroyed so many waterfront community restroom facilities, many are now seeking the use of restroom trailers since they are portable. The restroom trailers can be quickly and easily moved to a safe area if a storm is approaching. Once the storm passes, the trailer can be put back in place for further use. They are a very practical solution to a long, lasting problem of beach and waterfront communities.
Restroom trailers include clean running water, soap, ventilated fresh air, and foot-flushable china toilets so that guests have a sanitary environment to go to. Most are also climate controlled. They provide an experience that is as close to the comforts of home as possible.
We’re glad to have been able to help out our friends in Stony Point. We hope they make many great memories on the new pier and enjoy the new portable restroom facilities!