iStock_000014221879XSmallSince 1775 women have served in various roles within the U.S. military. The largest number of women in the military was at an all time high during World War II, but most were discharged afterwards. The 70’s brought change and there was a climb in numbers of military women, with its peak in the late 80’s. Then in the late 90’s there was a substantial dip in the number of women serving, but once again women in the military are on the rise. Today there are more than 200,000 women in active duty, according to the Pentagon.
To accommodate the large demographic of women serving, the government has had to come up with some modifications. Women and men need their own separate and private quarters, whether it’s for sleeping, showers, or bathrooms. Yet they need facilities that still correspond with the high standards of the military…good quality, safe, and sanitary.
The demand for better restroom and shower facilities is now higher. That’s why the government has been testing restroom and shower trailers, as far as demographics go, so they can customize the trailers and place them in locations according to the results they find.
Restroom trailers and restroom/shower combo trailers are perfect solutions. They can be modified and customized to fit specific needs. As well, the mobility and the combination of both amenities together is the ultimate convenience.
Women in the military today are a new generation and have paved new roads, but they have integrated easily and their valuable contributions bring balance to the military.

Thank you to all those serving in the military…we salute you!