America’s pastime of baseball is a game with a long, rich history and a passionate fan base. One of the best parts of seeing a game is getting to experience it in one of the beautiful stadiums across the country.
Unfortunately, for many ball parks, it can be difficult to keep up with the enormous crowds the games attract. Many park restroom facilities are strained to support the number of people that attend each game. Giving fans a comfortable and enjoyable game day experience is one of the biggest priorities of ball park owners.
[caption id="attachment_10098" align="alignright" width="321"]IMG_1199 To further appeal to the look and feel of the stadium, the organization gave the restroom trailer a custom paint job on the exterior to match the team’s colors.[/caption]
Portable Restroom Trailers recently had the opportunity to help one of America’s ball parks by providing a restroom trailer to supplement the stadium’s existing restroom facilities. The restroom trailer will permanently fill a need for additional restrooms in the stadium parking lot.
For stadiums or other buildings that are expanding faster than they can build, buying restroom trailers is an excellent, cost-effective option. Most professional baseball teams have had to build newer, updated stadiums to fill a growing fan base, but none of them can be expected to build a new stadium every year, or even every decade.
We were able to work with the northwestern team to find a used portable restroom that was a good fit for them. Since their visitors are primarily men, we chose a restroom trailer with 9 stations for men and 2 for women. The trailer they purchased also happened to be one used at The Masters tournament, another predominately male event.
Especially on hot summer days (the kind perfect for a ball game) no one wants to have to deal with a porta-potty. By providing their guests with a comfortable, safe restroom facility, they were able to make sure everyone enjoys the game, as well as extend the life of their ball park.
Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to continue to support sporting events nationally and internationally. Other professional sports we have aided include PGA, LPGA, Kentucky Derby, NASCAR and several national marathons.
We wish the MLB and its fans a great rest of the season!